June 9

2017-2018 SIW Calendar- Here is a link to the 2017-2018 SIW calendar. As part of next year’s elementary district SIW’s, TLC is soliciting proposals from our staff to teach a series of three classes focused on high leverage instructional strategies. Please be sure to share the link with your teachers as well as this informational poster. Thank you ahead of time!

Synergy Discipline- As you probably are aware, each school district in Oregon is required to share some (specific) student discipline data with ODE each year. The timing of this report is shortly after you and your staff leave for the summer. Therefore, it is very important that all discipline data is entered before folks leave, and that it is accurate. Please consider having whomever enters student discipline incidents into Synergy run a report to validate the data that will be sent to ODE. Here are the instructions for running this report. If Jason Westmoreland has any questions about this data after school is out, you will likely hear from him for clarification.

Interventionist Training- The annual interventionist trainings are up on PD Place for the week of September 11-15. Please alert interventionists, SPED teachers and Title teachers that they can now start signing up for these trainings. The trainings will focus on implementation of the programs on our district intervention matrix.

Title Update- S…T…I…L…L………W…A…I…T…I…N…G.   G…E…T…T…I…N…G……..I…M…P…A…T…I…E…N…T.

Hiring- Now that we have begun hiring folks, I wanted to thank you for all of your patience (unlike me with Title), calmness, understanding, etc. over the last month or two. I realize how hard it was to wait and really appreciate how you handled it. Your calm, relaxed approach to this (as well as everything else) sets a tone in your building that your staff and students naturally follow. Thank you.

Please remember to keep your staffing plan doc up to date. As you hire, please add the names. If you move people, please change the names. HR and I rely on that as we make hiring decisions, so it is very helpful for it to be updated.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I will be watching one of my daughters,  the oldest of my three children, graduate from Summit High School Saturday night. People always say it goes way too fast. Once in a while, you know exactly what that means.

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