June 2

Kindergarten Info- The Oregon Department of Education recently released “Oregon’s Early Learning and Kindergarten Guidelines.” You can find them here. We will also provide each school with a hard copy. Whenever something like this is released, I always think about the implications as a principal. Fortunately, we have a team that has been diving deep into the guidelines in order to better understand them and help us implement these age appropriate guidelines for early learning and kindergarten instruction. With guidance from Lora, the team has been led by Michele Oakes and High Lakes Kindergarten Teacher, Michelle Vincent.  Sunshine Dandurand and Maria Madden have also participated in order to provide a building administrator lens. The new guidelines and the work the team has done this year place an increased emphasis on social emotional learning. As part of their work, the team has drafted a Core Beliefs statement you can find here. This work will be ongoing as we learn more about age appropriate practices and how to best implement them into our kindergarten classrooms. Currently, a PD plan is being formed that will include several “lab teachers” who will provide training to our kindergarten team as we move forward. Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try my best to answer.

Hiring- I am hopeful that we are getting closer to being able to move forward with hiring. Here are a couple of things to remember:

  • HR must approve before you offer any position
  • I will email you and HR before you contact HR so that they know it is a ‘go’ from our end to offer. After that, I will be out of the loop and you will work directly with HR as you have in the past.
  • If two schools want the same person, HR will make the offer (contact Jon for more info on this)
  • I know many of you wait to post EA positions until later in the summer. If you would like to post any EA positions, please contact me. We will follow the same process for this as we did for previous postings. I will email you and HR to signal it is ok to post. Most likely, any Title EA positions will need to wait until we have an allocation from the state.

Title I Update- The last week of May came and went and still no word. On May 31, I emailed my Title contact at ODE to ask when we might receive our initial allocation. She shared that ODE has received the state allocation from the feds (yeah!) and are working on district allocations. She forwarded my email to the person working on the district allocations in hopes that she would be able to provide a clearer timeline. I haven’t heard anything else yet. I am hopeful that this means we are a bit closer… Thanks for your patience. Call me if you have any questions.

Please remember that the deadline for Title purchases is now past. Please don’t submit anymore. Thank you.

RTI for SLD Training- You have probably received notice of an RTI or SLD training for school teams on Friday, September 1. This is a four hour training. We realize this is an incredibly busy (not to mention stressful) time for principals. With that in mind, we are offering a condensed version of this training for principals on Thursday, September 14, from 3-5. You are welcome to attend the training on the 1st, but the 14th is alternate that may be a little bit more convenient.

Math- Please let Dave V. know if you are still using CBM or if you are using forefront. He would like a count as we make some decisions around purchases for next year.

Several school sites, as well as the Education Center, have been testing electronic visitor management systems for the last 18 months. Raptor (www.raptortech.com)  Technologies has been selected as the preferred provider for these services. The Raptor Visitor Management System allows us to better track visitors, contractors, and volunteers in our schools. A proposal to roll Raptor out into our schools is currently in development.

A suggestion was made, during a recent meeting, to roll Raptor out to all elementary school sites in August. Training, communication to parents and staff and ‘sign up’ events would be scheduled to support you during this transition. Please let me know if you would NOT support this move next fall and would wait an additional year to implement at your school until a time that it is required.

If we have consensus to make this move as a team, I will schedule a time to meet with you as a group in the next week or two where you could hear from current users and learn more about how the system could enhance your current visitor and volunteer management efforts.

School Design Picture- Many schools have still not submitted a picture and description of school design work from this year to Alandra. Please do so ASAP. They were due on May 26. Thanks!

Nice work Westside Village- Here is a great video on the WSV website sharing a little bit about who they are, or their story. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for all you do to make all of our schools great places to learn. Have a great weekend.


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