October 13

Horizontal Meeting- Our horizontal meeting Monday will begin at 4 at High Lakes. We have a few pieces of info to share, but will be spending the bulk of our time discussing behavior. It seems to be a common and more prevalent theme at our schools. Be prepared to brainstorm ANY and ALL ideas for addressing the high number of severe behaviors it seems like we have been experiencing. Although resources are scarce, we at least have to start thinking about solutions.

Outdoor School Funding- I am in the midst of completing the last of three processes for accessing outdoor school funding through Measure 99. In order to get this completed, I need some information from you. Please complete this spreadsheet with info from your school as early as you can. Transportation needs this information to estimate transportation costs. My deadline for submission of our application is November 14, but I want to be sure to have it completed and submitted  NO LATER than October 27. Please complete your school’s line by the end of next week so that transportation can get me the information early enough for me to complete and submit the form by the 27th. I am hopeful that the state will be able to cover a significant portion of costs-fingers crossed. Thank you for your help.

Erin’s Law- We want to make sure we are complying with the law and recording what we’ve done. Please  have your school’s point person complete this spreadsheet. We will print it off and file it at the end of the year. Thank you.

Abbreviated Days- There are some new laws around abbreviated school days for students. In a nutshell, we can NOT unilaterally decide that a student will have a shortened day. We must have parent consent.  For students on an IEP, the IEP team can make a decision. Please be sure you are working with your special programs support person (Josh or Colleen) if you are considering a shortened day for a student on an IEP. They will help you be sure to comply with all requirements.

We will need to complete a step up plan and have a signed parent letter for any student on an abbreviated day. Please work with me if you are considering an abbreviated day for any student not on an IEP. I will help you with the letter and step up plan to be sure we are fulfilling all of our obligations. Thank you.

Posting-  The district will be posting the position of Principal for a new small high school in the days to come.  Alice Dewittie has been leading a team of teacher leaders in these last months in design work that is the preparation for opening a new small high school in the fall of 2018.  Alice has done an outstanding job casting a vision, facilitating teacher leadership and digging into the nuts and bolts of logistical planning on this project.  She will be making a hand-off to a to-be-hired leader.  Alice has decided to step away from her work in Bend – La Pine following this current school year, and is looking forward to pursuing new challenges and options.  Our district owes much to Dr. Dewittie.  Her leadership at Summit High has been nothing short of transformational for that school.  Her design leadership in the opening stages of this new small high school have set that school on a path for innovative success for years to come in our community.  The Principal position at Summit HS will likely be posted in December.  Big shoes to fill…

Title I- Please remember to go to the Title IA team drive on google and enter a date of your parent meeting. You can also drag any and all flyers, brochures, notices, powerpoints, and sign in sheets from your parent meeting. Thanks!

Standards- Math and ELA. Do your teachers have these? Do they know where to find them? Do they use them? Do they have time to plan with their teams around the standards? Just some food for thought as you move forward with your work on academic excellence.

On a final note, your job can be incredibly demanding and stressful. In addition, all kinds of sick is going around right now. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, it’s pretty hard to take care of anyone else.  Rest. Recuperate. Do something that has nothing to do with school this weekend. Turn off your email for a day (or two). Make sure you take care of yourself. Thanks for all you do.


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