October 20

Thank you- Thank you for the generous gift and all of the notes, cards, and texts on Monday. As I am sure many of you feel, the whole boss’ day thing is a bit weird for me, especially working alongside you all as colleagues. The great job you do every day in your schools certainly makes my job easier. Thank you for all you do and for everything I’ve learned from you the past couple years.

Abbreviated Day- I am linking a letter that you must use if you are putting a NON IEP student on an abbreviated day. The letter may be a bit confusing because it does reference IEP. We can’t take this out as it is required-yes, even if they don’t have an IEP. This letter is to be done at the time the abbreviated day is implemented (or as close as possible- we know it’s new so some may already be on abbreviated day) and at the semester. Remember we can’t put a NON-IEP student on an abbreviated day if parents don’t want it. In addition to the letter, we are asking that you also complete this step up plan. It is pretty self explanatory, but will ensure that we are doing what we can to help student back to school. It can also be a help in working with parents who might be a bit reluctant to reduce the day. Finally, if you are considering an abbreviated day for a student with an IEP, please work closely with your sped rep, Josh or Colleen. Call if you have any questions.

2nd Grade Writing- TLC has purchased a replacement for the 2nd grade informational writing unit and will be distributing to teachers beginning today. Here is a link to rationale behind this change.

School Visits- Please be sure to complete your school team visit worksheet from our last leadership meeting if you haven’t already done so.

Behavior- Thank you for all of your thought and input at Monday’s horizontal meeting. I have another ask of you by the end of next week. Please let me know if you have implemented any kind of quiet room, calming room, etc.  Please share the following information:

  • Where it is housed
  • When students can access
  • How it is staffed including how many classified hours and/or cert. FTE you have devoted
  • Brief description of who might access this room at your school.

You don’t need to respond to this if you don’t have something like this in place. Thank you.

Mini Observations- I know you’ve been slammed, but I wanted to remind you to be sure you are completing mini observations and follow up conversations with teachers. Be sure to make sure teachers know when you have done one (it should be obvious, but isn’t always) and record in Talent Ed. We need to be sure that each teacher has two completed by winter break. Thank you.

Lawyers, Attorneys, Legal Counsel- If you have a question or concern that may involve the need to talk with legal council please communicate this with me first.  We currently have six different attorneys/offices that are used for school-related issues (not including School Board topics) and navigating where to go for help can be cumbersome, so let me help you with this. Additionally, we are instituting a change in where subpoenas are delivered to our employees during work hours. From now on we will try to funnel all subpoenas through an attorney at the Ed Center, who will then reach out to the employee and offer assistance on navigating through the issue that the subpoena represents. Call me if you have any questions.



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