December 1

Mini Observations- Just another gentle reminder that you should have completed at least two mini observations by the time we head to break on December 22.  Remember that a mini observation must be followed by a post conference within 72 hours of the observation in order for it to count. It is helpful if you tell a teacher after the post conference how many you have completed with her/him.

Below is a list of questions I have used (they are very basic and none of these will be new to you) that I believe are very good for producing good conversation and relieving you of the pressure to produce a ‘take away’ every time you do an observation. These can be used with a teacher who is anywhere on the continuum from calibrating to coaching. They can be used after an observation where the lesson was a disaster or masterful. They can be used if you are doing a general observation or doing minis aimed at a specific target strategy that your building is focusing on improving. These questions often lead to a variety of additional questions, but can also stand alone. They can be used whether it is your first mini with a teacher or your 20th mini with that same teacher. I believe you can have great conversations if you only used these questions as they are fundamental ideas that every teacher should be thinking about every lesson. They open up conversation in a way that provides you an easy door to share something you want or gives you ideas based on things the teacher shares. I hope you find them somewhat useful.

What went well?

What did you do to make that happen?

Would you have done anything differently?

What was the goal/standard/objective/purpose of the lesson? What did you want students to learn?

Did they get it? How do you know?

What are you going to do (or did you do) with the students who didn’t get it?

What are you going to do (or did you do) to enrich for students who are already there?

What are some next steps and how can I help?

From Sean- Hi all,

I am excited to let you know we have entered into an agreement with The Child Center.  The Child center is an outpatient counseling clinic that is located in Bend.  We have entered into an agreement that states the following:

  • BLPSD, in conjunction with parents, will make referrals to The Child Center (form attached).  Parents need to sign permission, much like with DCBH referrals.  The child would become a client of The Child Center.
  • With parent permission and in coordination with school leadership, we will allow The Child Center to see their clients (our students) in our schools.  This will need to occur at a mutually beneficial time per school, parent, and therapist.  In other words, we don’t want to pull kids too much from core content. This only applies to OHP eligible students. 
  • They will also see OHP and Non-OHP clients in their Bend offices.
  • This is mostly for students of lower acuity…WRAP referrals need to go directly through Deschutes County Behavioral Health through the ITCS referral form available on their website.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Survey- Please take some time if you haven’t already to complete the school visit survey that Jay emailed to you earlier this week. Thanks to those of you who have already finished.

Leadership- Don’t forget leadership meeting on Monday at 3:15 followed by admin social at McMenamin’s.

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend.

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