February 16

Behavior Planning-I will soon send my best attempt to summarize the ideas that came out at our meeting on Thursday.  I’m hoping to have that to you on Tuesday (I don’t want you spending the whole weekend studying it). If you have other ideas, please give me a call. If you would like clarification, please give me a call. Thank you for your time and thoughtfulness on this.

Kindergarten Handbooks- JoAnne will be sending the kindergarten handbook to office managers for you to copy as needed. No changes, so feel free to use leftovers from last year.

Middle School Move Up Day-Just another reminder that middle school move up day is May 22. Please notify your office manager so she is not surprised when the middle school calls.  Please plan to arrange for transportation as you know how many students you have. See October 27 notes for more explanation.

Hiring Update-

  • High Desert Middle School Principal interviews Tuesday, February 20.
  • Elementary transfer interviews hopefully before spring break
  • Juniper VP/ Buckingham Principal- lots of moving pieces, still nailing down timelines

Culture of Safety- Thank you for all the work you have done to implement the culture of safety guidelines at your schools. I know you all have unique challenges that make some things much harder for you to implement. I would encourage you to reach out to Scott B. if you are having trouble with anything.

It seems like we are reminded every day why security is so important. At the same time, no matter what we do there will be people thinking it’s too much or not enough. I think the note I shared at our meeting yesterday is something you can ALL hang your hats on. You do make a huge difference for the families at your school.  While it seems as if we are spending inordinate amounts of time on things that we never dreamed about and time on things that we feel we have no control over, what you do matters. Your calm presence and visibility do more than you know. For every one person that writes a letter thanking you for all you do to keep their children safe, there are 1000 more thinking it. Please try to remember that you are making a difference. Thank you.

I’m heading out of town a little early this afternoon to see my daughter so you might not be able to reach me. You can try me on cell, or call the usual suspects.

That’s all for now. Keep up the great work. Thanks for all you do. Have a fantastic weekend.



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