February 23

Wow! What a couple of weeks. Thank you for all you are doing in your schools to create a safe, secure, welcoming environment. You are amazing and doing incredible things every day!

Amity- Here’s an example of some of that great stuff going on in your schools! No need to watch NBC tonight!

Elementary Olympics

ELEMENTARY OLYMPICSStudents Participate in Their Own Winter Games Amity Creek Magnet SchoolStudents got a taste of Olympic glory at their very own Winter Games, complete with opening ceremonies and plenty of competition. Students competed in winter sports including curling, bobsledding, hockey, cross country skiing and even caught air for a ski jumping event. Bend-La Pine Schools

Posted by Central Oregon Daily News on Friday, February 16, 2018

Highland- And here’s another! Highland students off to Mars!

Journey to Mars

We made it to Mars! We hope you enjoy this video that shows a bit of what our journey looked like… #storylinemagic #marsstoryline #laughwithusnotatus #allschoolstoryline #mystorylineclassroom

Posted by Highland Magnet School at Kenwood on Thursday, February 15, 2018

I am so tempted to not write one more word in my notes this week and it would be the best notes ever, but I do have a few other pieces to take care of so…  I will do my best to keep the rest of the notes short.

Visit- I will be calling or visiting each of you within the next week to ask the following questions: How can we better secure your front entry during the day? What would need to happen in order for your front entry to be secure to the point that no person could enter without being seen? Please be thinking about this. I won’t be making appointments (if I already have a scheduled visit next week, we’ll discuss this also), but will be dropping in and won’t need more than a few minutes of your time. Thank you.

Transfer interviews- Transfer interviews typically happen a week or two after spring break. Jon and I are hoping to conduct these before spring break this year. Once we have a date/time nailed down, I will let you know and Jon will be emailing all certified staff to explain the process.

Walkouts- You may have heard about or received some questions about upcoming walkouts by teachers, students, parents, etc. Shay will be covering BLP’s stance on this at our March 5 leadership meeting.

Health Curriculum- Skip will be leading a committee this spring on health curriculum. He is looking for one primary and one intermediate teacher to serve on this committee. If you have a staff member who is especially passionate and knowledgeable re: health education and you think would be a positive contributing member of this committee, please give her/his name to Skip.

OBOB- Oregon Battle of the Books is a fun reading program that many of our schools have participated in over the years. They are beginning to release their list of books for the 2018-2019 school year.  The titles include some books/content that may be controversial. You will soon be receiving a letter from Christie Boen or me outlining some important information re: OBOB for next year. Please be on the lookout. Call me if you have any questions.

Behavior Training-There will be an admin behavior training on the 4/18 district SIW. It will go from 2:45-4:00 at the ed center.

Congrats- Congrats to Wendy McCulloch who was named the principal at High Desert Middle School. My understanding was that there was a very deep and talented pool of candidates and Wendy did a fantastic job.

I should know more about Buckingham and Juniper timelines and be able to share that information with you within the next week.

Mt. View H.S. V.P. interviews will be held on March 8 and Realms VP will be March 9.

That is all for today. Again, thanks for all you do!


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