April 6

I’m sending notes today because I will be out all day tomorrow. Thank you all for the time and work you put in at the job fair today.

Staffing- I don’t have a deadline for you to complete your staffing plans, but the sooner the better. Once your plans are complete, I will be able to ensure that all teachers who are entitled to a position are placed. I can then give the go ahead for schools to interview and hire. No interviewing or hiring will be done until this is all complete.

As mentioned, we have an additional 2 teachers that I can place. I won’t be placing either of these until August. I know there are several (all?) of you who would like the additional teacher, but I will be waiting to see where numbers land before distributing that. The only way we will get more than the two is if total elementary numbers are far enough over projections. My thinking is to try to have these two hired before the end of June, but after all of your other classroom teacher hiring is complete. The two would know they have a job in BLP, but wouldn’t know the site. I’m open to ideas about how best to do this.

Dual Immersion-Thought I’d share this great informational video on our D.I. program that Kinsey recently shared.

Calendar Students- Alandra is still looking for students to feature in the 2018-2019 district calendar/handbook. Please nominate any students here by April 23.

Visit Schedule-Please sign up for an April/May visit. We will discuss staffing, school design and, as always, anything you have on your agenda.

Evaluation Schedule-Please sign up for an evaluation meeting. I will be sending out self evaluations later in April or early May.

Transfer Interviews-Thanks to all who participated in the transfer interviews. Candidate scores are linked. Please do not share with anyone. This information is confidential.

Hiring Update

High School V.P.’s- Interviews are tomorrow, Friday, April 6.

Buckingham-  Interviews will be on Monday.

Juniper VP- We will be posting on March 23 and closing on April 12. Interviews will be on April 26.

Have a great weekend. Thank you for all you do!!


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