April 13

Welcome- I’d like to take this time to welcome the newest member of the BLP elementary administrative team, Kevin Milner, who will be taking over as principal at Buckingham beginning July 1. Kevin is coming to us from Newberg, where he has spent nearly 20 years as an elementary principal. He is currently principal at Ewing Young Elementary, which is Newberg’s STEAM school. In addition to his duties at Ewing Young, he also leads their online learning program and oversees transportation and safety in the Newberg School District. We had an OUTSTANDING pool to choose from, and are excited to add Kevin to Buckingham and our admin team.

Title I- We still don’t have any information re: $ amounts for Title I for next year. We do have F & R numbers.  While no schools have fallen out of Title this year, our overall F & R numbers are down. I don’t know exactly what that will mean, but I would not be surprised to see another reduction in overall Title $ coming from the state. On the other hand, federal Title allocations have gone up 300 million…how much of that our state and district see is a huge question mark.

Friday, May 18, is the last day to submit Title purchase requests. Please do your best to only spend what you need to spend. Although any carryover doesn’t go directly to your schools, it does go in our overall title budget and can be used for things that we charge to the district title budget. The more of that we can cover with carryover, the more of next year’s budget we can push out to the schools. Please call with any questions.

Staffing- I am getting through staffing plans and will be reaching out to you or visiting you with any questions. I am close to being sure that all staff who are entitled to a spot have a spot, so I am hoping that we will be able to begin hiring soon. If you haven’t already completed your staffing plans (the best you can, understanding that Title will impact how you staff your building), please do so as soon as possible. Thanks!

Self Eval/Reflections-You have probably received an email or notification re: your self-eval with a due date of April 27. You don’t have to complete it by April 27, just please get it submitted at least a week before your scheduled evaluation date (please sign up here if you haven’t already). Call if you have any questions.

Walk Out Info- Jay will be sending out an email to you regarding some guidance around a possible student walk-out/demonstration on April 20.  The information will be very similar to previous guidance, except that this one has the possibility of lasting much longer than the March 17 walk-out, and thus consequences could also increase.  After you receive it and have an opportunity to review it, please give me a call with any questions.

Behavior Training- Just a reminder that there will be an administrator training on behavior this coming Wednesday at 2:45 in the board room. We will talk about behavior coach/skills trainers roles and responsibilities, where we are in the planning of IBRC/BRC, funding and more. Hope to see you there.

I hope that you are not reading this until late Sunday night or Monday and that you all had a very restful three day weekend. I know conferences can be long and take a lot of energy. Thank you for all the time, thought, effort and focus that you put into them. I hope this brings a little chuckle!

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