June 1

Congratulations-Congratulations to Stephanie Jensen who is the new Assistant Principal at Silver Rail. Stephanie has done a fantastic job in her role as a student services coordinator the last two years at Silver Rail and will be a great addition to the admin team.

Erin’s Law- Please be sure to record Erin’s Law Documentation of Safe Touch Curriculum Delivery and submit to Jody McBride before you head out for the summer.

Equity-Equity has begun to be a focus of our work in BLP schools this year and will continue as we move forward. If you have not yet had the opportunity to attend the ‘Taking It Up’ training with a team from your school, please consider taking a team on August 13-14. This will be well worth your while and can be a starting point for work at your school or an enhancement of things you are already doing.

Reading Competitions- Some of you may have received an email from a BLP parent inviting your school to participate in a reading competition titled “Clash of the Classics.” If this is something you are considering, please contact me before taking any action. Thank you.

Welcome Back…already?-  Don’t think about this too much yet, but we do have some information about our all district welcome back.  The fall district Welcome Back will occur, as you know, on August 28.  What you may not know is that it will begin at 1:00 and end at 4:30pm at Bend High. This is a workday for many, but not all of our employees.  For whomever it is regular workday the expectation is that they come to this event. [And besides, Chad Hymas, the keynote speaker is fantastic!] Because it is scheduled to end at 4:30, we are asking all  admin to have their staff start their workday at 8:30 (rather than 8:00) so they can stay throughout this event during their 8-hr workday. However, this is not a hill to die on. If an employee wants to start at 8:00 and leave this event at 4:00 then they can do that. (They will be missing staff awards, free food and live music).

School Design- This is a gentle prod to remember to keep your school design plan updated in the google doc. I don’t expect you to completely update this before you leave for summer if it’s not already, but it should be on your to do list early in August if needed.

Mini Observations-Please be sure you are up to date in Talent Ed before you leave for summer.

Bear Creek- We conducting interviews for the Bear Creek VP today and hope to name someone before school is out next week.

Leadership BBQ- Monday, June 18 at noon. This will include food and a short meeting.

This is the last installment of elementary notes until August. If you think you will miss them, please let me know and I’ll send something to you each Friday in July. I won’t promise what I send to be as engaging, enlightening, intellectually stimulating and downright entertaining as weekly notes, but you will get something in your inbox. Have a fantastic summer if I don’t see you/talk to you before the end next week.

I will be unavailable next Thursday through June 29. You may call the usual folks if you need assistance.

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