September 14

Enrollment- Elementary is still under projection. In fact, our deficit has grown since the first day of school.  Needless to say, we are not using the 2 FTE and won’t be unless we see dramatic growth. Let me know if you have any questions.

Lava Ridge Student Last Friday some of us at the ed center had the opportunity to visit Lava Ridge and work with some of their kindergarten students. On Monday, the Bulletin published this great article on one of the kindergartners we met. Worth a read.

Absences- Please let me know if you are going to be out of your building for a day (or more). I am also happy to help cover if/when needed. No need to tell me if you are leaving for just a short time, but please let me know if you are going to be out a day (or close to). Thanks.

SBAC Results Dave recently provided me with SBAC results from last spring. I am linking ELA and Math graphs for you to view. As in the past, schools are listed in order of F & R with highest on the left and lowest on the right. Please keep in mind that as our participation numbers go down, scores become a little less valid. BLP elementary is still above 90% participation, so I think still indicative, but a couple of schools were especially impacted by opt outs this past year and their scores are not really valid. Through no fault of its own, Westside Village, for example, had 14% ELA and 15% Math participation rate.

Overall, we saw a nearly 3% increase in students passing the ELA and a nearly 2% increase in students passing the math assessment. Your focus on standards and all of the work you are doing to improve instruction through your academic excellence goals is paying off and we are seeing some very positive results. Thank you.

One of my frustrations with state testing over the years has been the moving target. Since I became a principal in Oregon we have seen the passing score in OAKS go up two or three different times, we have experienced the transition to SBAC and we have all made sure to tell our families they can opt out. All of these things make it a bit challenging to see our growth over the years. This year will bring yet another change that will certainly make it difficult if not impossible for us to see growth. Beginning with this year’s SBAC, all students who opt out will be counted as ‘does not meet.’ I’ll reserve comment for our conversations, but needless to say, this will significantly impact our scores next year. It seems like we are setting a new baseline every other year- hard to see progress if the target keeps changing. We’ll talk implications and how to address this at a later time.

FAN- Dana is still overseeing our FAN program as well as acting as our homeless education lead and foster care point of contact. Please contact Dana if you have questions about FAN or need any more information about the services FAN provides.

IPAD Insurance- Please be sure that your staff (teachers, office managers, anybody else who might need to know) knows and understands that IPAD insurance is NOT mandatory. We can NOT withhold IPADS from students who do not purchase IPAD insurance. We still have some teachers who are not disbursing IPADS to students who don’t purchase insurance. We can NOT do this. Thank you for your help.

Interpreters- In an attempt to help remedy a shortfall of interpreters, especially during conferences, we are working with the ESD to use some of our non-certified, Spanish-speaking staff who are interested in being paid outside of their work time to provide this service. Feel free to begin asking any potential non-certified employees on your staff if they would be interested in this.  If so, we ask that they notify Kinsey of their interest. Here is more from Kinsey regarding this: If you anticipate using bilingual non-classroom teachers for language interpretation during conferences, please invite them to attend one of these trainings: October 3rd from 2:15-3:15, or October 9th from 4:00-5:00.If neither option falls within their contract hours, we will time-sheet them to attend. To register, please contact Kinsey.

Parks and Rec/Kids inc.-  Most of us have a Kids, inc. before and/or after school program sponsored by Parks and Rec operating at our site. This is part of an intergovernmental agency agreement between Bend La Pine Schools and Parks and Rec. In Appendix 2, “Childcare Enrichment Programs” beginning on page 11, school and P & R responsibilities are outlined. I’ve linked this so that you can refer if you ever feel the need. This is a great partnership and P & R does a really nice job of offering a highly needed service to our families. Around 800 students access before school care and over 700 access after school care. That is about 10% of our elementary population.

One Class at a Time Grants- Just a reminder that Mid Oregon Credit Union is continuing their partnership with KTVZ to present $500 monthly awards for innovative, sustainable classroom projects that are worth being recognized in the community. The program identifies the classroom efforts and awards the teacher/school the funding plus they do a news story that airs on KTVZ to provide a spotlight on the good things that are happening in education. Click here for more information and to see some of the work they have done;

Please share this information with your teachers. You may send any submissions directly to me and I will get them to Mid-Oregon.

Pawsitive Choices- PAWsitive Choices is a social and emotional learning classroom system developed by a kindergarten teacher in Bend La-Pine. PAWsitive Choices is an alternative to traditional classroom management systems, like clip charts and Dojo. It integrates SEL goal setting, productive problem solving, restorative practices, and neuroscience to help students achieve optimal learning. This year, 33 kindergarten and first grade teachers in our district are using the materials as part of an action research team. The PAWsitive Choices action research team is limited to this number so that training and coaching can be focused and individualized. Registration was on a first come, first served basis late last year and all teachers that are a part of the project were required to attend a two-part training and agree to participate in an SIW series and instructional coaching. We are not taking any additional participants for this year. For more information about the action research, please contact Julie Walker.

Upcoming Events

September 24- Horizontal Meeting- 4:00 P.M.- REALMS/ Skyline H.S.- 20730 Brinson Blvd.

October 1- Leadership Meeting- 3:15 P.M.- Board Room

October 1- New Admin Academy- 1:45 P.M.- Board Room





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