September 21

SBAC Notification- Dave V. sent out English and Spanish versions of the SBAC parent notification that earlier this week, but I’ve linked them again in case you missed Dave’s email. Please send those soon. Opt out forms will come at a later date.

From Skip- Skip sent out information on Amplify earlier this week. Please take the time to read that and let Skip know if you have any questions.

Skip also wanted me to share this flyer for a STEM PD opportunity. Buildings would need only cover sub costs. Call Skip with questions.

SB 612 and 1003- As many of you are probably aware, the Oregon legislature recently passed SB 612 and SB 1003 relating to dyslexia and dyslexia screening. We will be discussing implications to schools and how you can efficiently address the requirements of these bills at our horizontal meeting on Monday. The good news is that I believe we are fulfilling the spirit of this law and that there are only a couple of details we will need to take care in order to fulfill the letter of the law. We will share those details on Monday.

DACA- Just under a year ago Shay sent out a DACA-related letter to our district sites and facilities, reiterating our stance in providing a safe and welcoming environment to all of our students/families. In light of news that ICE had recent Central Oregon presence and report of at least one of our parents facing deportation, I wanted to share this letter with you again – as well as the suggestion of sharing it with your families once again. Here is the letter in English and Spanish.


  • Drill Guide on the Portal- A quick reminder that our 2018-19 Drill Guide is available on the Portal at  This month a lockDOWN, fire and bus evacuation drill are required. Schools are encouraged to deliver fire drills with ‘blocked exits’ and fire and emergency response drills during passing periods, lunch and before and after school.Please remember to send your drill completion form to Marsha Baro within 48 hours of your drill or emergency response.
  • Nationwide Emergency System Test- Please share the following information with your staff via email or staff meeting.
    On October 3, 2018, many student, staff and visitor cell phones should receive one emergency test broadcast message with an audible alert sometime between 11:18 and 11:48 a.m.  This broadcast is expected go to Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) compatible cell phones that have wireless carriers that are participating in WEA, which are switched on and within range of the cell tower. These messages are set to alert the public of emergencies — including AMBER alerts and tornado or flood warnings, for example. This test is being conducted by Federal Emergency Management Agency in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission. We want to make you aware of this for two reasons:

    1. This could be a teachable moment for you and your students OR it could be a distraction to your teaching and learning environment if cell phones are on and receiving messages during this time.
    2. This is not a test conducted by Bend-La Pine Schools. This is the first nationwide Presidential-level WEA test and individuals cannot opt out.

    Test Details:

    During the WEA test, cell phone users should receive a single, distinct dialog box on their device, which should say “Presidential Alert” followed by “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.” This text should be accompanied by a special tone and vibration, which should be repeated twice.

    To learn more about this test, please review the following documents:

Horizontal MeetingReminder that our horizontal meeting will be Monday from 4-5 at REALMS/Skyline H.S. Apologies ahead of time for what will be a mostly sit and get meeting. We will address the following:

  • Dyslexia law
  • HR Topics including: Title IX, Janus, Investigations, SLGG’s and mini observations
  • District SIW’s
  • DART
  • Syergy
  • Interpreters

Upcoming Events

September 22- Stanford at Oregon 5:00 P.M. Autzen Stadium-College game day from Eugene! 6 A.M.

September 24- Horizontal Meeting- 4:00 P.M.- REALMS/ Skyline H.S.- 20730 Brinson Blvd.

October 1- Leadership Meeting- 3:15 P.M.- Board Room

October 1- New Admin Academy- 1:45 P.M.- Board Room

Have a fantastic weekend. See you Monday.





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