March 1, 2019

Happy March 1! I can tell it is March because the birds are singing, the trees are blooming and the grass is turning green. Or, since we live in Bend, I can tell it is March because the calendar says it is. I’m not buying it, but….

ACR’s/Grandfather Forms- We will not be extending the deadline for ACR’s and Grandfather forms. You may accept what you receive today. Thank you for working with me to complete the ACR/Grandfather spreadsheet.  Here is the plan moving forward.

  • Add to the spreadsheet any ACR’s/Grandfather forms you receive today.
  • I will meet with Brad and Jay at the end of the day to share this information and get a ‘move forward’ or ‘hold’ directive re: approval.
  • I will email you with directions. Please look for this late today or Monday morning.
  • You will approve/not approve based on this email. You will then sign and mail via district courier to appropriate school so that they can point each of the students to the requested school in Synergy by the end of the day March 6.
  • Brad will complete staffing.
  • We will move forward with transfers to new school as necessary following  timeline shared at horizontal meeting.

Conferences/Interpreters- Please work with your ELL and SPED teachers to figure out how many conferences you will need interpreters for and let me know by next Friday if possible. I will be sitting with Jim B. to try to schedule enough available interpreters to cover all of your needs.

Classified and Snow Days- On Monday, Debbie sent out our agreement with our classified staff in regards to school closures and late starts. Please review it and check with Debbie if you have questions.

Upcoming Events

March 1          ACR’s/ Grandfather Forms Due Today

March 6          ACR’s/Grandfather’s entered into synergy

March 14         Transfer Interviews

March 18         Horizontal Meeting

March 25-29   Spring Break

April 1              Leadership Meeting

April 4              Job Fair

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