March 15

Snow Days-HR has asked that I communicate the following to schools. Please call HR if you have any questions about this.

School closure days due to snow:   February 25, 26, 27, and 28

Leaves for Certified:  Sick days, Personal Day, and FMLA. 

All leaves that were taken during the snow days will be returned since the days have been rescheduled.  Leave sheets that have already been sent to payroll will be modified by the payroll staff.

FMLA- employees currently on FMLA will have an opportunity to extend the leave up to four days.  HR has already contacted all employees that are currently on FMLA.  If the employee wants to extend, then a substitute might be needed.  HR has communicated this with office managers.

This will hopefully answer questions for certified staff.  Certified staff with questions are welcome to contact HR.

These rules will not necessarily apply to classified.  All classified staff with leave questions need to contact HR.

Education Foundation Classroom Grants- Education Foundation is accepting classroom grants applications until March 22. Please pass information and applications to your teachers.

Mini Observations-  Just a reminder that spring break is a deadline for formals/mini observations. 4 mini observations (or 2 formals and 2 minis for probationary) need to be completed and entered into Talent Ed by spring break. Thank you!

McDonald’s Grants- McDonald’s of Bend local mission is to help as many students as possible in our communities reach their fullest potential.  This program is part of our commitment to our community.  We want to give even more back to our community and that for us begins with education.

We have attached information about our Grant Program, including our Mission Statement, Guidelines and Application.  We encourage you to apply for this Grant. Awards between $250.00 and $1000.00 will be given to the selected school(s) who meet our criteria and are selected.   We request grant applications support Academics, Athletics, Arts or General (something the entire school will benefit from).

Last year our recipients were:

  • Sisters High School: AVID               
  • LaPine Elementary: Track
  • Rosland Elementary: Purposeful Play
  • Silver Rail Elementary: Spheros
  • West Village Magnet Elementary School: Community Garden Fence
  • Elk Meadow Elementary: Effective Behavior and Instructional Support System

Application need to be returned by April 15, 2019

From Alandra- We are looking for students to feature in our Family Handbook & Calendar and need your help! We love to highlight students from all backgrounds and abilities and hope you will take a moment to nominate a student. Submit a suggestion here:

Feedback Requested: STAS- The Student Threat Assessment System Team seeks feedback from administrators, school counselors, school psychologist, school resource officers, and others who may have participated in a Level 1 or Level 2 Threat Assessment over the past 18 months.  Please complete the survey by April 1.

Dyslexia- There are a lot of questions and misunderstandings from all parties on dyslexia. A local advocate recently reached out to me to share some learning opportunities that I am happy to pass along to you. One such opportunity will be taking place on April 6. Feel free to pursue, attend, and/or share with your staff. I will continue to share future opportunities as they present themselves.

Upcoming Events

March 18         Horizontal Meeting- We will be meeting at High Lakes at 4:00

March 25-29   Spring Break

April 1              Leadership Meeting

April 4              Job Fair

Have a great weekend! Don’t forget the sunscreen. 


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