March 22

Staffing-  Your staffing allocations are now available on staffing team drive.  I have touched base with almost all of you, especially those of you who will be reducing or adding staff. Thank you for your ideas, collaboration, partnership and patience. I want to be deliberate, careful, and sensitive to staff who may be moved and admin who may receive. I know we probably won’t bat 1000, but we will do our best to have teachers excited about where they are moving and principals excited about who they are receiving. Please review your allocations and do the following.
  • Check classified staffing. If you don’t believe you have enough to cover all of the hours that we are obligated to provide to existing staff, please contact me ASAP.
  • Build your staffing plan. No temporary should be on the list. You should leave empty spots as TBD.
  • Discuss with temporary that you will not be doing any hiring until all regular contract employees have a spot and that you may not have openings after this is completed.
  • Call me if you have a question or a  brainstorm.

Shout outs to all of you who are reducing and adding who have been so helpful in thinking through this. Much appreciated.

Transfer Interview Information- The transfer interview spreadsheet is now available. I will send this to principals. Please keep it confidential. Do not share except with VP’s. If you do make any hard copies, please shred.
Dyslexia- We are coming up on the time to fulfill our notification obligations to families. Julie Walker will share a spreadsheet with all principals that includes the names of students needing notification letters and a reminder on directions.
Fake LetterA few of our schools have received a bogus letter entitled Federal License Management. If you receive a letter like this, please contact Scott Bojanowski for clarification prior to acting on any steps outlined in this letter.
Forest Kindergarten-  For the past couple years, several kindergartens have participated in a series of forest days at Skyliner Lodge. The days are planned by our teachers and have been mostly funded by grants. I have been asked to gauge your interest in having your kindergarten teachers attend a training about this on an open Wednesday if there is enough interest. If this is something you and/or your kinder team might be interested in learning more about, please let me know and I will see about arranging a day/time.
Camp Tamarack-If you would like to do a school fundraiser to provide the pre outdoor school classroom lessons that many had last year, you are welcome to do so, but MUST follow the district fundraising policy. Charlie has worked with Pappy’s to provide the below activity if this is something you want to do. He has provided directions for accessing this, but remember, YOU MUST FOLLOW BLP FUNDRAISING POLICY.
From Charlie:
Before the fundraiser:
Day of the fundraiser: 
  • Everyone who buys pizza on the day of the fundraiser will need to go to the Bend restaurant and bring their flyer, and can then be entered into a raffle to win Camp Tamarack gear or a free week of summer camp and other Camp Tamarack gear!
After the fundraiser:
  • Pappy’s will write a check to your school in the amount of the $$ raised on the day of your pizza fundraiser and we will deliver the check to you.
  • We’re asking your school to then write a check to Camp Tamarack to help cover the cost of classroom lessons and t-shirts in the amount raised.  Any amount will help pay for the Camp Tamarack classroom visit and for the t-shirts that students receive when they come to Outdoor School. We will make sure both of these things happen for everyone!!

Nice!- Here is a nice reminder that what we do makes a difference. Tim B. shared this  note he received from a parent at his school, and I know things like this are going on at all of our schools everyday. Head to spring break knowing that you are having an impact. Thank you for all you do!

 Every morning I walk the kids into the building before school starts. Every morning there is at least one student standing there to hold the door open and say “good morning”. If we hold the door for someone else they ALWAYS say “thank you”. This morning I made a comment about “isn’t it nice to have so many people willing to hold the door for us?” And the sweet 2nd grader  said, “That’s just the kind of school we have”.
    After being in Seattle for a year it is a welcome breathe of fresh air to have interactions with students who are polite and kind and not afraid to look you in the eye when they talk to you. That sweet girl’s comment made me realize that we really are home here. What lucky kids we all have to be in this district where you and the staff and community have cultivated an atmosphere of kindness, compassion, and respect, even with such simple acts as holding the door open for someone else. Such a great way to start the day! Thank you for all you and your staff do to help make Three Rivers School a safe and happy place to come learn.

Upcoming Events

March 25-29   Spring Break

April 1              Leadership Meeting

April 2              Magnet lottery

April 4              Job Fair

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