May 3

Out- I am sending notes out a day early this week because I will be out tomorrow. You can reach me by cell if needed or you can contact the usual folks here at the ed. center.

Kinder Registration- Please do whatever you can to register/ input new kindergartners into synergy as soon as you get them. Thank you!

Early Entry- Thank you for your feedback on early entry. Please refer any parents who are inquiring about early entry to Jody McBride. DO NOT GIVE THE BROCHURE TO PARENTS. We will no longer be using it. Jody will schedule the assessments with one of our evaluators. Once the evaluation is complete, you will receive the results. We now have a bit lower standard (albeit still quite strong). If a student does not meet the standards, then you should decline early entry. The revised policy reflects that more strongly than it currently does. We are currently working on updating the application and putting it on our website, but until then, Jody knows what to do.  Please call with any questions as I am sure there may be a thing or two we haven’t considered.

Mini Observations- Less than 7 weeks left to complete and input mini observations. Please be sure that your documenting in Talent Ed. Also, and maybe even more importantly, be sure that teachers know when you complete a mini observation and the feedback. There are still teachers who are unsure or believe they haven’t had them, while the administrator believes they have. So, when you complete one, tell the teacher, “We just completed your 3rd or 4th or… mini observation.” The clearer, the better.

Next Horizontal- We will be changing the date of our May horizontal meeting to May 13 as we will be conducting interviews for Bear Creek principal position on May 20. Site TBD.

Before School Care- Parks and Rec. will not automatically be offering before school kids, inc. next year. In order for them to break even, they need 20 students. I am asking that you please ask parents in your newsletters if they can let you know if they would utilize a before school program. Please collect names and send them to me by end of May. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

DHS- Please read this letter from DHS reviewing the new call in system and asking for your help and feedback to make the system work better for our students.

Title I- May 1 has come and gone, so we are beginning to work on our budgeting for next year.  I will share more information next week after some of the dust settles. Hopefully, we will have some numbers so you can begin your title budgeting.

Upcoming Events

May 8- March for Students

May 12- Mother’s Day

May 13- Horizontal Meeting- Site TBD

May 17- Self Eval’s Due

May 20- Bear Creek Principal Interviews

May 27- Memorial Day- No School


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