May 10

District SIW Dates for 2019- District SIW dates for next year will be October 2, November 6, February 5, and March 4. We are reducing this to four next year in an effort to be consistent among levels and provide more time focused on building level needs.

August Leadership- Mark your calendars as our annual Leadership retreat will be held on August 20 this year. Plan on attending with as many of your ICCL’s as possible. This day will kick off the 2nd annual innovation conference and we will all have the opportunity to spend some time listening to and working with Mary Ehrenworth.  August 14 leadership is not happening, but we are still planning on our annual back to school admin bbq- more details to come.

DHS/Risk Assessments/Etc.- Please turn in to Jody any level 1’s, suicide risk assessments or DHS reports that you may have, but have not yet turned in.  Jody needs to have these entered into Synergy before she leaves for summer break, which is shortly after the last day of school. Thanks for your help and timeliness!

Lunch schedule- Please provide Garra your lunch times as soon as you have decided so that they can plan for next year.

Dibels Schedule- The spring Dibels schedule is set. Contact Julie W. if you have any questions.

Horizontal Meeting-Please remember that due to the Bear Creek principal interviews on May 20, we are moving our horizontal meeting to this Monday, may 13 at Elk Meadow.  At a previous leadership meeting Lora asked for schools to run at least one major building decision through the Equity Lens Questions that the BLPS Equity Cadre shared with us all. Please be prepared to share a little bit in small groups about the decision you made and how the questions helped you navigate. If you have not yet completed this process, you can share a little about a decision you are considering using. In addition, I will be sharing preliminary Title budget information for title schools (and anyone else who wants to hang out).

Outdoor School- Just a heads up that I will once again be asking you to complete the outdoor school reporting form. This information must be submitted before we can be reimbursed by the state. We will once again provide you with the answers to questions that are standard across schools, but you will have to complete a few school specific questions. Please be on the lookout for this in the next couple weeks.

It’s an incredibly busy time of year, so although I have pages and pages of more information I could share, I’ll stop for now and wish you all a fantastic weekend.

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