May 31

Bear Creek- I am happy to announce that  J.P. Richards has been named the new principal at Bear Creek beginning July 1. J.P. is currently the HR director in Three Rivers School District. He has been a principal at the elementary and middle school levels and a classroom teacher. We are excited to add J.P. to the elementary team.

Outdoor School Report Sheets-Please complete this form for your school. We need this in order to be reimbursed. If you don’t complete it, you may be on the hook for outdoor school costs. Also, please complete this spreadsheet telling us which staff attended. I believe the MOU for paying fifth grade teachers is signed. In addition, we can seek reimbursement for extra staff that were required to attend for student needs (EA’s, nurses, etc.). Thank you.

Culture of Care- From Sean. Please Read.

PAWsitive Choices- Some (or all) of you may have received a flier from a Linsey Keeley a BLP kindergarten teacher advertising her PD services. Linsey is the author of PAWsitive choices, an SEL curriculum that was used in many BLP k-1 classrooms this past year. A couple of clarifications/explanations are in order:

  • PAWsitive Choices is a district approved program- you may use it if you want.
  • PAWsitive Choices is NOT a district adopted curriculum and there are no plans at this time to make it so in the future.
  • Linsey has resigned her teaching position and will not be a BLP employee next school year. She is heading out on her own and the flier you received is advertising her PD services if you choose to pursue. You may have teachers share their desire to receive the PD, but you do not have to and this. Once again, it is not a district adopted program.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions or would like more background.

Principals and Assistant PrincipalsHere is a link to a document that is an overview of summer dates, events and trainings.  Hopefully it will help you keep your heads together and on top of what’s happening this summer. Pay special attention to the events on Aug 30th that are mandatory Day 189 trainings and please communicate those trainings to the appropriate staff.  Currently the only mandatory trainings are for middle school math, science, and social studies.

From Sped- SPO needs your help again this year to ensure all SPED case managers (SPED teachers and SLPs) have completed and finalized their IEP processes and documents prior to checking out for the summer.   Last year we asked that sites add a box on your check-out form that says, “All IEP documents finalized.”

Once all paperwork has been finalized,  the SPO office will send each case manager and email indicating that they are “all clear” with their paperwork.  It will be the case manager’s responsibility to provide you a copy (or forwarding) the email from our office.  Please don’t let them check-out until this has been documented.

Please note, we will be sending frequent reminders to case managers on the days leading up to June 14th, so there should not be any surprises.

From Skip- I’m not sure if you knew this or not, but we need to have admin and school leadership teams sign up on Performance Matters for the Aug 20 Innovative Day.  I know it is mandatory for them to attend but we need to get an accurate number for lunch that day.

Early Entry- Please continue to send all requests to  Jodie. We are updating the packet and I will share with you when it is complete. We have one roadblock…no school psych.’s have agreed to administer tests at this time. Jodie is not able to schedule if we do not have any psych.’s to schedule with. We will share info with families so that they can pursue private evaluators. More info to come.

That’s it for this week. The countdown is officially on. I hope you are able to get outside and enjoy some of the beautiful weather.

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