May 24

Early Notes- You are receiving notes today because I will be out of town Thursday and Friday. Thursday business, Friday personal. You know who to call here if you have questions, or I can be contacted by cell if you need me.

Title I Schools- Please complete the 2018-2019 Annual Principal Attestation form. You will need to print it, fill it out by hand, and then scan it to JoAnne. Please keep a copy in your files at the school as we need to have one here and at the school. Thank you.

Classified Hours- With the change in start times next year, classified office hours will obviously also be changing. We are suggesting 7:00-3:30 for office managers and secretaries. If you want to adjust that either way to meet unique needs at your school, please work with your staff and let me know. Thank you.

Bear Creek- We completed the interview process on Monday. Site visit Thursday. We hope to finalize things soon and make an announcement early next week.

Enrollment- Just another friendly reminder to get students enrolled in Synergy asap. Thank you for all you are doing to keep this up to date.

Kids Inc. Info- Please see below from Lora re: Kids, inc. information. This is becoming a huge undertaking for Lora. I’m incredibly grateful for the work she is doing on this for our schools. She is keeping A LOT off your plate and mine. If you need help identifying a second space in your building, please let me know as I am happy to brainstorm with you.


In case you’re hearing complaints about Kids Inc availability (or maybe it’s just me?!?) and the changes in start times, I want to share the good news so you can share it with families:

  • Kids Inc has increased their capacity by 53% from the 2018-19 school year.
  • Currently, the waiting lists have 250 names on them, 100 fewer than last year at this time.
  • Highland is the greatest challenge. The district is working with Park and Rec to possibly identify another site or transport students to a site that has capacity.

With all this said, the growth in capacity is possible only because we have guaranteed a second space (classroom or commons) at EVERY SCHOOL. It’s fine if you haven’t identified that space yet, but you need to do so by mid-August and let Anne Birky and Kids Inc staff know where it is. Thanks!

Taking it Up- From Lora- This week I sent out publicity to all staff regarding this summer’s Taking It Up training. While most of the work over the two days is focused on individual exploration and reflection, time is given Tuesday afternoon for school teams to talk and plan. I encourage you all to attend, if you haven’t before…AND to encourage both certified and classified staff to attend. Of course, certified staff could count their attendance as their Days 189 and 190. You might consider paying classified staff who are not on contract to show how much you value their attendance. If you have classified staff who don’t have access to a computer, you can send their names to Stephanie Bent and she will register them.

Contact Chris Boyd or me if you have questions or need more information!

Info you probably never imagined having to think about- The possibilities in this category are growing exponentially every day. This week a drone flew into Jewell’s airspace (that sounds so international). Scott was on it and did everything correctly. If you should experience the same invasion of your playground, here are some steps to follow:

  • Don’t touch it! Blades can be sharp.
  • Call non-emergency line 693-6911
  • If it’s causing a problem for students at recess, bring them in and count it as a reverse evacuation.
  • Contact Marsha Baro or Scott Bojanowski

Future Leaders- Feel free to share this flier with anyone in your school who you think might have the skills or desire to pursue educational leadership.

That’s it for now! The homestretch is upon us!  Hope you all have a great three day weekend.

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