September 20

SLGG’s- It is slgg time again. We are still required to have Student Learning Growth Goals.  The requirement and expectations are still the same.  The goals still need to reflect student growth.  For those of you overachievers who want to know all the expectations, please see this state guidelines document or this quality review checklist. For the rest of you, the forms can be found here and here. Call if you have any questions.

Abbreviated Day– Some of you may be considering an abbreviated day to help some of your students be more successful. Please be sure to follow all of our abbreviated day guidelines. The link will provide info on the law, parent notifications, step up plans and other pertinent info. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss.

Discipline/Referral Form- There have been a few revisions to the district referral form. I have highlighted the main things for you to be aware of. Please note that anything that is Title IX related needs to be reported to our Title IX Director, Jon Lindsay. Anything that is Title VI related needs to be reported to the Title VI Director, Kinsey Martin. I highlighted those violations/motivations. Please also see the ‘Motivation’ section. The second to last box is “Disability (504, SPED) Related.” This is a bit confusing. It is to be marked not to identify the offender as someone with a disability, but it is to be marked if the offender’s motivation was the victim’s disability. Please let me know if you have questions about this.

You can find this referral form in our portal by searching discipline. It will be under the ‘Discipline and Expulsion Protocol Forms.’ You can also find useful flowcharts and guidelines in this section.

HR Notes: The District has secured a new pre-employment drug testing provider who offers expanded drug testing hours (Monday through Saturday).  This will allow our administrators to offer positions on Friday because testing can be performed all day on Saturday.  However, with those extended options comes the additional challenge of making sure an applicant is available on Saturday to go to the testing facility.  As before, please make sure you know the applicant is available to meet the 24 hour time frame to complete the pre-employment drug test. It is extremely helpful to share the information below instead of directing the applicant to call HR.  Also, we are requesting that applicants come to our office by 3:00 on Friday afternoon in order to facilitate the paperwork.

Please inform the applicant they should report to the Human Resources office who will be expecting them and will have paperwork ready for their arrival.  Please make sure to restate that we are offering the position contingent upon completion of our pre-employment hiring steps and they have until (insert specific time/date) to make sure the process is completed.

We caution against having the applicant call our office in case we are occupied with new hires and phone calls and are not able to get back to the person right away. They could lose valuable time waiting for a return call, when in fact we have paperwork already prepared for their arrival.  We really appreciate your care and effort in helping communicate the steps when making the offer to our applicants. We love knowing they are informed on the next steps and will welcome them and guide them through the process.  Give Jon or Debbie a call if you have any questions.

Visitor Management- Please see some info below from Scott B. on Raptor.

Thank you for your diligence in continuing to follow the district policies and procedures for checking visitors and volunteers into your schools. Our visitor management system vendor, Raptor, sent software updates to our systems in August that have caused errors with the system (scanner and printers not working, IDs not being scanned, etc.).

Our IT department is working with Raptor to roll the software back to the previous version, while they work through the issues with the current version. We hope that this will fix the issues that schools are experiencing.

We are looking at ways to better manage events during school hours that require checking in a large influx of visitors in a short period of time. We currently have two mobile Raptor devices that we can loan out to a school for an event to help facilitate checking in visitors. We will be adding more kiosks to certain schools, so that most schools will have two kiosks.

We have the ability with Raptor to run batch prints, which print out the name tags for visitors prior to the event. This requires communicating ahead of time to your potential visitors and having them RSVP that they will be attending the event. This helps to reduce the lines of visitors to your schools for events by speeding up the check-in process.

Sustainability- Please read and share this important cleaning supplies message from Jackie Wilson.

Kids, inc.- We have been working closely with P & R since last year in order to try and meet the demand for Kids, inc. before and after school programming. During our work together, we ensured P & R that we would be providing two spaces at each school (gym and one other) until 6:00 P.M. each evening, and that if the regular spots were for some reason temporarily unavailable, we would provide an alternative (gym being used for a program, etc).  Please be sure you are following these agreements. Communication with the Kids, inc. lead at your school is key. Please keep in mind how important and vital this service is for our students and families and be as accommodating and flexible as possible.  Thank you for the work you have already done to help us serve so many more students this year. Matt Mercer of Parks and Rec. sent this summary of Kids, Inc. earlier this week if you are interested.

O B O B- Hey it is getting to be that time of year again. Please be sure that anyone volunteering to run this program follows the exact same guidelines that we used last year. Please be sure that this permission slip is distributed to anyone before any activities have begun. Thank you.

Upcoming Events

September 23- Horizontal Meeting- 3:15- Ponderosa

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