September 27

Erin’s Law- This is your reminder to be sure you are delivering the Safe Touch curriculum to all students. This meets our requirements around Erin’s Law. Please complete the documentation sheet and provide to Jody in Office of School Support when complete.

Culture of Care- Please read this update from Sean.

Our three regional care coaches have been busy developing a plan of action to structure how they can support our district and your buildings.  Overall, they have 67 schools in the region to support.  Understanding that this is a three year project, the coaches have developed a structure to support all schools over the three year period.  The coaches have developed a three tiered support model with priority schools, consultative schools and facilitative schools.  Bend – La Pine Schools has capacity for 11 priority schools this year.  Our goal is to have representative from all levels (K-12).  All other schools will fall into the consultative category for year 1. Currently, we are looking buildings that are interested in being a priority school this year.  Your school is a good candidate if:

  1. Your building was not a priority school/pilot school last year with Dr. Rick Robinson. (All year one schools will receive consultative services from our regional care coaches)
  2. Your building has a core team ready to lead the work at the building level.
  3. School leadership has articulated a commitment to building a Culture of Care.
  4. Resources (staff/time/budget) have been allocated to support the adoption of a Culture of Care.
  5. School leadership has begun eliciting input from staff to adopt a Culture of Care
  6. School has begun to gather data to guide Culture of Care work.

If you are interested and excited about your building being a priority school this year, please send Sean Reinhart an email no later than Wednesday, Oct. 2nd.  You will be notified by Monday Oct. 7th.

Conference Interpreters- One of the things we were going to discuss at our meeting last Monday was conference interpreter scheduling. With the limited number of interpreters available and having to share with k-12, it becomes a challenge providing enough for all schools. We’ve tried to schedule in a variety of ways, with none being particularly effective. Please share with me your thoughts/ideas regarding how we schedule before next Friday. What do you think would work best? What has worked? What have been some of the frustrations/challenges? Based on your feedback, we’ll come up with a plan to schedule and let you know. Believe it or not, conferences are just around the corner.

If you have bilingual staff who are not classroom teachers and who might be available to support with interpreting during fall conferences (for the time slots we are unable to fill with our regular interpreters), we need to ensure they receive some training on this role.  Please invite them to this meeting: Thursday, October 10th 4:00-5:00pm in Room 312 of the Education Center.  Please have them RSVP to Kinsey Martin.  They will be time-sheeted for this training.  If they attended this training last year, they don’t have to attend again, but are welcome/encouraged to get a refresher!

HR Message- On Tuesday, October 1st, HR will be emailing out certified contract status lists to each building administrator for their specific location.  These lists are helpful for set up of evaluations and verifying all certified staff are listed correctly in the Bend-La Pine Schools system. The list will include the name of each certified employee along with FTE assignments and type of contract status for each certified employee at their location.

These lists are generated by our Business Plus system and due to the reports being pulled from the pay screens, each certified employee will be listed more than once due to FTE breakdown for the two certified salary schedules this school year.

We have delayed this process until now to try and capture all the late hires and additional FTE to each certified employee that was added later.  However, there are still parts that are not listed due to the changes that are currently still happening throughout our school district.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Mini Observations/ Evaluation- This a reminder of requirements around mini observations.

Probationary- 6 observations. 2 are formal. 2 of the remaining 4 can be professional (EBISS meeting, parent/teacher conference).

Contract (on eval cycle)- 6 mini observations. 2 can be professional.

Contract (not on eval cycle)- 3 mini observations. 1 can be professional.

The first two are due by winter break. The next two by spring break. The last two by end of year.   All probationary employees are on Summative Evaluation.  Regular/Contract employees need a Summative Evaluation every two years.

Please contact Jon or me if you have concerns about any teacher, but especially the probationary 3 teachers. Remember that we are required to write a letter of support in February in order to move a teacher from probationary to contract. There are steps you must take if you do not plan to recommend for contract status. Those steps take time and if we wait too long we will run out of time.

HR will soon be sharing the latest, greatest Professional Growth and Performance Evaluation Manual with admin.

Classified PD Opportunity-  Our “Annual Literacy Strategies Conference” will take place on October 25th for our classified staff. This is an awesome opportunity for some great PD for classified. Please be sure to share with classified staff and have them sign up in Performance Matters if they are interested. Thanks!

OR RTI Training- Great opportunity for your EBISS/leadership teams.

Upcoming Events

October 7- Leadership

October 21- Horizontal

October 23-25- Conferences

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