November 15

EBISS- Please see below for the updated list of EBISS team meetings for the year.

December 5th 3:00-4:30  Topic:  EBISS Foundations
February 6th. 3:00-4:30.  Topic:  Math EBISS
March 5th  3:00-4:30.      Topic:  EBISS:  A Conversation about Instruction
Standards of Practice- I hear rumors from time to time that people think standards of practice are no longer applicable, or that such and such a grade at such and such a school is only doing 12 minute of reading per week (exaggeration), or the like. While I do believe that most of us are working to follow the guidelines set forth for reading, math and writing in our standards of practice, I still think it is worthwhile to remind everyone that they are still in play.  I like to think of them as really strong guidelines, not inflexible, never changing laws of nature. The expectation is that you are scheduling that time into your day, with the understanding that life happens and there may and will be days that schools and/or individual teachers have to adjust.  If you are having difficulty figuring out how to schedule everything in, please let me know. I would be happy to come out and troubleshoot in order to be sure we are maintaining these standards. Questions? Give me a call.  Standards linked- Math, Reading, Writing.

Chronic Absenteeism- Remember the chronic absenteeism presentation and work session will be this coming Monday, November 18 from 3:15-4:30. We will meet in room 312 here at the Ed. Center. Kimberly Strong will start us off with a short overview of CA. The remainder of the time will be spent looking at your own data and plan and doing any revising you see fit. Kimberly will stay with us to provide any guidance and support you may need. Dave V. will also be available to help you navigate any DART data you want to access. If you would like to attend and haven’t yet signed up, let me know.

This week’s article on CA focuses on CA and disabilities.

Learning by Doing Book Study Thanks to those of you who have expressed interest in joining the virtual book study I shared with you in last week’s notes. If you would like to join us, you may sign up by November 22. I will order books on Monday, November 25 for those on the list. I have put you on the list if you already told me you are interested.

SIW- It has been enlightening for me to get around to some of your SIW’s this year. I have seen some really good activities happening- very tailored to your school’s needs. Yesterday, I was able to visit Miller where Jen and Erich were leading teachers through the development of rubrics for the 4 C’s for k-2 students and teachers and 3-5 students and teachers. Staff was very engaged in the work and I’m excited to hear about the impact it will have on teaching and learning. If you are considering something like this, Jen or Erich might be a good resource for you.

Sustainability News- Please see below from our sustainability team.
Thanksgiving week shut down of the schools
During the Thanksgiving Break, school HVAC systems will be lowered to the unoccupied setpoints of 58. If you are coming in over the break, please plan on bringing a sweater, not a personal heater as they are a fire hazard.
As the schools will be unoccupied, this is a great opportunity for energy conservation. Please remind staff to turn off at the power switch all electronics. All personal fridges and sharded mini-fridges need to be unplugged as well. 
School Garden Information and Grant Opportunity

If you’re interested in installing a permanent outdoor school garden in the Bend La Pine School District, please download and complete the School Garden Development Application (PDF) (Here is a fillable Word document version: School Garden Development Application Fall 17). We are available to assist with this process, just call 541-385-6908 x14 or email denise.

If your school has a garden or outdoor learning space, I want to learn more and help with lessons and funding. Please email Sustainability Coordinator

Upcoming Events

November 18- Chronic Absenteeism workshop – 3:15

November 20- Behavior roundtable- North Star @ 1:30

November 22- College Day

November 25-29- Thanksgiving Break

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