November 22

Out- I will be out Monday, December 2- Wednesday, December 4, upon our return from Thanksgiving break. I won’t have access to email, but you may call the usual if you have questions.

Standards of Practice- Last week I shared our standards of practice and focused on the recommended minutes for reading, writing and math. In addition to minutes, our standards also address curriculum. As you know, we use Wonders for reading, Units of Study for writing, and Bridges for math. In addition to PLC’s, a guaranteed viable curriculum is an essential instructional component of a strong school. We use the above curricula as our guaranteed viable curriculum in reading, writing and math. We teach the standards, but Wonders, Units of Study, and Bridges are the vehicle we use to teach the standards. Teachers can and should supplement as necessary to reteach and revise, especially through the work of their PLC’s, but our adopted materials should be what we predominantly use. It’s our job to ensure we are using our adopted materials and that they are not supplanted by well intentioned teachers trying to supplement. I believe we do this very well and thank you for your efforts. I’m happy to chat if you want to process a little more.

SBAC Training Opportunities- Our lit coaches will be offering a comprehensive training for third, fourth and fifth grade teachers on the SBAC materials Jenn Montoya presented to you at our last horizontal meeting. The training will take place on December 19th – there will be a morning session (7:30-10:45) and an afternoon session (12:15-3:30). Teachers wanting to participate only need to attend one session and need to sign up for in Performance Matters…subs will come out of building funds, so teachers should get your approval. It will take place in room 314 here at the ed center. They will also be offering a spring SIW series (February 5th and March 4th) on these Units of Study…but many teachers were wanting to dive into them earlier and get planning.  Again, this is school decision. You aren’t required.

Certified Evaluations- If you have any certified staff of concern and have not communicated this to Jon yet, please do so immediately. Depending on where this employee is on Contract or Probationary status will depend on next steps – some of which take time to accomplish, but need to be completed by February, 2020.

MAT Candidates- Please let me know if you are interested in having an MAT candidate in one of your intermediate classrooms. We have some Eastern Oregon University students in Central Oregon who are interested in our schools.

FAN-  FAN Services during the holidays:  FAN Advocates are willing and able to assist families with basic needs during the holidays.  Please help support staff and Advocates to refrain from providing direct support that is connected to the holidays.  We will continue to connect families with cooperating partners that provide presents and the like during the holiday season;  FAN keeps our focus on the basics.  If schools, or school affiliated organizations want to help, they can coordinate efforts with FAN by collecting items that can be donated to a food bank, or by asking for clothing items that Advocates can pass out during the winter months.  These are but two ways to engage your larger school community if the desire is there.  I would also ask your help in supporting Advocates in not handing out gift cards to stores that sell tobacco or alcohol products.  Board Policy JFCG-AP specifically speaks to district staff not being involved in the sale of such substances.  By handing out gift cards to grocery stores, we are giving clients access to these substances.  There are many food banks, churches and outside agencies that can support families with food needs over the holidays.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Thank you- Dana.

A little inspiration- I thought I’d end this week with a little bit of inspiration. As we head into Thanksgiving break we can all be thankful for people like Mrs. Nila Brown and others we know and have worked with who have dedicated their lives to helping students and families.

Upcoming Events

November 25-29- Thanksgiving Break

December 2- Leadership Meeting

December 9- Horizontal Meeting

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