December 20

Excellence and Equity Reviews- If you have not yet viewed our Excellence and Equity Review, I recommend you take a look as it has lot of great information. Overall, people feel really good about our schools and we can feel proud of the work we are doing on a daily basis. One particular section stood out to me. If you don’t read anything else, take a look at the Listening Session- Students and Families. I can say with confidence that none of us would want some of that said about our school. I know it is impossible to make everyone happy all the time, but knowing how some folks are feeling certainly gives us an opportunity to take steps to ensure that everyone feels welcome in our school at all times.

Move up Day- Thank you for your feedback. Mary 19 will be move up day for fifth graders.

Learning by Doing- If you are participating, please try to have the first chapter read by Friday, January 17.

Important Reminders from Jackie Wilson, BLP Sustainability Coordinator- With Christmas break coming, this is a great time to remind staff about waste and energy reduction. All classrooms should do their part to reduce the trash as much as possible over the holidays. When Friday rolls around and we are in a rush to start our vacations and spend time with families, please remember the classified staff  clean the schools. Garbage cans should not be left overflowing.

Make sure you put recycling in bins and try to reduce trash. If your school wants a 30 person party kit with washable plates, bowls, cups and spoons for classrooms or staff parties, please reach out to the Sustainability Coordinator, Jackie Wilson.

As for energy conservation, schools’ heat will be lowered to 58 degrees for our unoccupied mode during the break. If you have any Mods on campus, please have the staff manually lower the temperatures to 58. These are not on the district controls. Make sure to shut down computers and turn off electronics at the power switches.

HR Moment from Jon- Principals/Supervisors, It is only December but it is time to start thinking about the renewal/non-renewal process. If you have an employee that you don’t want to renew, then we have some work to do in this area before the public board meeting February 11, 2019.  

By Jan. 10th: Please have a conversation with me about any certified employee that you have some concerns about.  If you have a concern about an employee, we need to start making a plan for how to move forward with that person.  We may decide to start with informal supports or go to our formal process.    

We have several options when we are talking about probationary employees of concern.  One option is to non-renew a probationary contract.  This is formally done at the Board Meeting in February and March.  If we decide to move toward non-renewal, we will need to have some discussions with the teacher, with the BEA, and with the board during Executive Sessions.  If you are having concerns with a probationary teacher, please make sure we talk about it.  Once a teacher becomes contract it can be a much harder process. 

I also need to know about contract teachers that you have a concern about.  You may only be supporting the person informally, which is great, but I still need to know about them.  If you have started the formal support system, which includes Focus Performance Review, Support Strategies, and/or a Plan of Assistance, you must contact me so that we can work through it together.  

Due by Jan. 2oth:  Please send the probationary three letters of support to Carrie Hulbert and Candy Gelatt .  We need to be hiring and putting the best teachers in front of students.  It is an important decision when moving an employee from probationary status to contract status.  (Please check this list for your staff in this situation.) After participating in the board process the last several years, I have a better feeling for what the board is looking for in these letters.  The board takes moving a probationary employee to contract status very seriously.  They really want to know that each of you have specific reasons why each one of these employees should move to contract status.  I have attached a spreadsheet of probationary three employees and the famous probationary three letter example (linked above) from Mr. Matt Montgomery.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me (Jon) a call.

STAS Training- From Misty Groom: There will be a Level 1 (only) Threat Assessment Trainingheld on Friday, January 24, 2020, from 12:00-4:00 at the High Desert ESD (2804 SW Sixth Street, Redmond). This training is for School Administrators, School Counselors, School Psychologists, and School Resource Officers who have NOT previously attended this training and for any NEW staff who will be part of a Level 1 team at their school site.

Individuals must RSVP via email to [email protected] – for any questions, please contact Misty at 541-355-1012.

Please bring your laptop in order to access various documents. 

Upcoming Events

December 23-January 3- Winter Break

January 1- 106th Rose Bowl- Oregon Ducks vs. Wisconsin Badgers

Have a great break. We’ll see you in 2020.

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