March 27

I hope you are all hanging in there. Strange times indeed. I’ll try to keep today’s notes to a minimum. Enjoy the weekend. Feel free to give me a call/email if you need anything.

Learning Packets- The email went out to teachers Thursday that included a letter with links to the first two weeks of learning and the teacher resource page. You should also have received this email.

Printshop is printing all hard copy packets and we hope that they can be delivered to schools by Monday, March 30. Please do NOT distribute until April 1.

After the first two weeks of materials are distributed, staff should be working on weeks three and beyond as well as a plan for communicating with their students and families.

Important: Teachers should be encouraged to modify and adjust the packets as they see fit. They can tell parents what parts to do and when to do them. They can stretch the packet into a longer period of time. As we have said, communication and connection are the most important things. The packet is a tool to be used, not something they give to parents and check in every two weeks. The packet can seem overwhelming, so teachers can and should adapt to the needs of their students if necessary. Directions from teachers are critical for success. Take it slow. Stretch it out if need be.

Distribution of Materials- You should be working on and be ready to communicate a plan to your families for distributing packets and IPADS to students who do not have them. Please follow the guidelines outlined in the email Lora sent on Wednesday.  Please do NOT distribute until April 1.

What should I be doing?– Things are obviously going to be different for an indefinite period of time. You should be thinking of ways to regularly communicate/ check in  with your staff. You should have a pretty good idea of the work they are sending to students as well as their plans for communicating. You should also have your own plan for communicating with your families on a consistent basis. Please refer to and/or add your great ideas to our ideas page. We will all do a better job if we are working together and helping each other!

Questions- I know we all have lots of questions. I’ve created a question/answer google doc for your reference. Please check here if you have a question as I may have already provided an answer. Please write your questions and I will input an answer asap as I will be checking it regularly. As always, feel free to contact me directly if that is easier for you.

Please expect regular communication from me via email, phone calls and webex meetings. I will share my plans for communication with you soon. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you navigate uncharted waters. Thanks for all you do.

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