April 3

Please be on the lookout for our Guidance Document from Jay on ODE’s new directions for delivery of distance learning. We will be discussing and answering questions at Monday’s leadership meeting. Elementary will webex at 1:00.

Welcome- I’d like to welcome Ellen Jones to the Office of School Support. Ellen has replaced Jody McBride. Jody’s husband got a job in Southern California and they moved prior to spring break. Ellen spent several years at Cascade and will be in our office Mon-Thurs (or working from her home).

Abuse Reporting- Please remind your teachers that abuse reporting remains critical, especially during these times. A fillable form is on the portal so teachers can complete and submit electronically.  We received the following from the KidCenter: “Last week, the Oregon Department of Human Services released data indicating that calls to the child abuse hotline have dropped by 70 percent since the mandated closure of K-12 Schools due to the coronavirus. These closures mean that most children no longer have daily interaction with teachers and school personnel who are required by law to report concerns of abuse and neglect. When we also consider social distancing mandates, it is even less likely that children will have much interaction with adults outside of their home who might be able to identify and report signs of abuse. These factors are compounded by added emotional and financial stress the coronavirus pandemic is bringing to many families, all of which is likely to place more children at increased risk for abuse or neglect in their home environment. We know that as the pandemic continues to evolve, it is a matter of time until the real impact to children becomes known and reports of abuse and neglect begin to skyrocket.” 

Safe Touch- Please update your safetouch reporting form with all that has been completed and send electronically to [email protected] At this time, unfinished lessons will not be made up while we are participating in distance learning. I will let you know if that needs to change.

Translations- Effective immediately and for the remainder of the 19-20 school year, please send all document translation requests or status checks/updates to Ellen Jones: [email protected].  

As a reminder: documents for translation should be emailed in an editable file format (directly to Ellen Jones); requests for interpreters for meetings/events go through the Interpreter Request Form (link on the Portal).  This might be a good time to review our district’s Language Access Plan.  

Title- JoAnne is checking, double checking, triple checking and finalizing numbers this week. We will be able to let you know by Monday whether or not your school still qualifies for Title. We of course do not have a preliminary allocation from the state at this time. It usually arrives sometime in spring, although I don’t have any expectations this year. We will use historical data (avg. decreases, avg. difference between initial and final allocations) to determine a starting point budget. I would not expect anything during the month of April. Thanks for your patience.

Horizontal Schedule- Below you will find groups with days/times for meetings. We will aim to keep these between 30-45 minutes. I will share any new pertinent information that I have and then we will have Q and A or discussion with the idea that a smaller group will allow for a bit more fluid conversation. Your school’s assigned instructional coach will be invited to the meeting as well as Skip and Amy. No guarantees that they can be at all of them.

Tuesdays @ 1:00 – Amity, Highland, Jewell, Julie Walker

Tuesdays @ 2:0o – Buckingham, Juniper, Westside Village, High Lakes, John Craft

Wednesdays @ 1:00 – Lava Ridge, N. Star, Ensworth, Rosland, Lindsley Gehrig

Wednesdays @ 2:00- Elk Meadow, Three Rivers, Miller, Ponderosa, Jenn Montoya

Thursdays @ 9:00- Pine Ridge, Silver Rail, Bear Creek, La Pine, Kerry Morton

Short Video on Webex Basics– Thanks Christie Boen.

Conferences- Conferences have been cancelled.

New Students- You can enroll new students with a start date of March 13. If the student is coming from another school in Bend La Pine, please have a conversation with the principal of the outgoing school to determine if best to keep at original school so their is an established connection.

Social Distancing- Remember to be vigilant in ensuring social distancing with anyone who is in your building. If teachers are there and need to bring their own children, please make sure the children stay in classroom.  It is my understanding that the ‘policing’ of this by local authorities is going to amp up and may include some consequences. Thank you for all you are doing with this.

Principal Communication- This has been an incredibly busy week connecting with your staff, answering a million questions, planning distribution of materials, etc. As the pace slows a bit, please be thinking of how you will be regularly communicating with families. There is a balance as we want to maintain connection and disseminate appropriate information without overwhelming families. Tim B. sent this family letter out today. Well worth your read. Please share your ideas on our google doc.

That’s it for today. Take care of yourself this weekend. ‘See’ you Monday @ 1:00.

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