April 24

Kindergarten Registration- An idea was recently presented, and I know Ensworth is already doing this, that schools have registration packets available to distribute at our lunch sites. If you are school that is hosting a lunch pick up spot, I encourage you to make registration packets available.

Report Cards- Nothing has changed on our timeline for providing guidance on report cards. We are planning to have that ready for you the week of May 3. Yesterday, ODE released k-8 guidance which includes directions for grading. We will be sure that anything we provide to you will follow that guidance. In addition, we will provide a short summary of their k-8 guidance, much of which focuses on the things we have been doing like connecting and communicating. Stay tuned for more to come.

Dyslexia Letter- We are not required to send the second round of Dyslexia letters this spring. This may impact next year, but I will provide details if/when they come. For now, you don’t have to worry about these.

Hot Spots- Hot spots have arrived and the first round has been delivered to your schools. Skip provided this resource page for additional information, how to request more, the form needed to be completed by a parent who is borrowing one, and a video (or written instructions) on how to set one up at home. Please take a look at this page and be ready to share this resource for any that may need it.

Meals- As you know we have begun delivering meals to many more sights. We have four routes in Bend and another in La Pine. We have an EA riding on the bus along with the driver for each of our routes. If you need something for EA’s to do, we need subs to ride and help deliver if/when regulars are unable. Please see who is able and provide me a name and phone number. I will add it to the list and they will potentially receive a call when we need someone. The Bend routes all begin at High Desert Middle School. They all run from approximately 10:30 to 12 or 12:30. It sounds as if the La Pine routes are all good. Thank you.

Behavior- Hayley E. shared this great resource on stress, distress and trauma in light of covid. Lots of info here, but stuff we will need to consider when we do reopen our buildings and bring our students back.

Sustainability doesn’t stop during covid– Please read from Jackie W.

Need some help – There is a group of folks who have rallied some local churches around volunteer or donation needs in our BLS schools. This group of churches is wondering about adopting specific schools, purchasing gift cards for teachers who may have needs, or even doing more landscaping projects (with proper social distancing, of course), among other things.  If you have an idea that a group of volunteers could help with please let me know.

No Contact List- Please update the no contact list by next Thursday if there have been any changes.

I know we all can’t wait to get back to non-distance learning, but in the meantime, teaching and learning are happening, schools are connecting with families, and some great things are going on. Thank you for leading this work!

Bear Creek Staff saying hello to their families.

N. Star parent shared some distance learning class time with Kevin.

Tammy held a scavenger hunt for her staff for a highly in demand product. I’m concerned there are so many squares/ people unable to find this commodity. I also hope Tammy isn’t using that as some sort of bribe around class size for next year.

For next week’s horizontal meeting, please be prepared to share something great you or one of your staff is doing that you are especially proud of.  Have a great weekend. Make sure you are taking care of yourself!


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