April 17

Equity and Access- Please review information on Equity and Access from Lora.

Hot Spots- We have approximately 300 hot spots arriving soon. As you read in Lora’s message, we currently have 84 requests. Please be sure to notify your FAN advocate of any need for hot spots.

Kindergarten Summary- I’ll try to summarize what I shared during our meetings re: kindergarten registration.

  • Info going out from Alandra (press release, facebook, district newsletter) letting families know that online kinder registration is now open and encouraging them to sign up asap.
  • If unable to register online, contact school. Schools are to send registration materials to parents and include a school addressed, stamped envelope for return.
  • Parents who can’t register online and don’t know what school their child will attend may call a specially designated Ed. Center number. We will send them registration materials and include stamped envelope addressed to attendance area school.
  • Be vigilant and timely in monitoring who is registering and provide quick contact with families to let them know you have their materials and they are registered at your school.
    • This contact can be letter, email or phone. I would recommend a personal call from the principal.
    • Tell parents they will get a letter from the school in August outlining directions for submitting birth certificate, immunization records and proof of address. We are not requiring these until August. In addition, the August letter should include details about a welcome event for kinders in August.
    • We are asking that you plan a welcome event in August to give kinders and families a chance to meet teachers, see school, meet other kinder families.
  • Please do whatever you can from your end to publicize kinder registration. I fear a slow registration could cause an August registration stampede that will strain staff and cause staffing upheaval.

All of the above is planned based on the assumption we will be back to brick and mortar schools in the fall. If/when we learn differently, we will plan accordingly.

On another unrelated kindergarten note, we will still be honoring early entry applications according to policy, with one change. The deadline will be extended past the end of the school year as finding someone to conduct the testing is very difficult. The new deadline will be sometime in August. TBD based on social distancing guideline modifications that come or … don’t.

Staffing Horizontal Meeting I will be sending an invite to a special horizontal webex on Monday at 2:00 pm to discuss staffing plans version 2.0. I may or may not move forward with the regularly scheduled horizontal meetings next week. TBD.

Student Belongings Pick up and Teacher Classroom Pack up- Thanks for all of your input regarding student belongings and teacher classroom pack up. The majority of folks are very comfortable with waiting until much closer to the end of the year. We have discussed the advantages to that in our horizontal meetings. That being said, we know some of you have already made plans and have legitimate, well thought out reasons for what you are going to do. I am going to leave it up to you to determine your school’s plan of action. Please consider the following:

  • Follow all guidelines regarding social distancing
  • Plan for as few trips to the school as possible for families
  • Consider what kind of message your plan might send to families
  • Work with custodial/maintenance so that they can provide a deep cleaning/painting if that is something they intend to do. If you are waiting to distribute student belongings and/or have teachers pack up rooms, be prepared to do some shuffling to allow for work to be done.
  • Have a plan for staff who are compromised and will not be able to come into the building. There is a wide continuum of feelings and comfort levels and I would ask that you work with folks to accommodate within reason.
  • Please be flexible with families who may need things sooner than you plan to distribute

Julianne provided social distance guidelines and considerations on behalf of our nurses. Most if not all is stuff you are already doing, but please read to see if there is anything else you should be doing/not doing.

Logo Info from legal- We discussed this at our horizontals, but here is Sharon’s direction, “The District does not allow use of its school logos or mascots for commercial purposes, absent an agreement. Use by PTOs and school groups for fundraising for school programs may be allowed pursuant to an agreement. The sale of signs as outlined below is not allowed (not shown in blog). It appears that the signs are being sold for a profit that does not go to the school. The use of logos/mascots gives the appearance that this project is undertaken on behalf of the district, which it is not. I caution against creating that impression.

With regard to the use of logos on sports photography, that should be covered by a written agreement. If there is no current agreement, one should be in place before any future photos are taken.

Mini Observations- Please do NOT conduct a mini observation of a teacher teaching a webex or live video lesson. Call if you have a question. Thank you.

Time sheets- Send or email to me.

MAC Survey- Yes, this is still happening. Tuesday, April 21. It might take a bit of extra encouragement from you this year to ensure your staff completes it.

Organ Donor This will be a lot less important than the heading suggests…we have a family who has offered to donate an organ…the musical kind. If you are interested, let me know and I will help you connect. Although I’m not 100% certain, I don’t believe the painting and wedding picture come with it.

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