May 8

Leadership Meeting- Don’t forget to attend the leadership meeting on Tuesday at 9. You should have received an email invite from Andrea Wilson.

Conversation Interpreters- Please have teachers work with your ELL teacher to arrange for interpreters for our June parent/teacher conversations. Many of them have already been doing a lot of this and have a system.

Report Cards- Report card directions and report card comments. I will let you know as soon as the revised report card is uploaded. As a reminder, all sections will be ‘NA’ by default except the following: reading, writing, language, speaking, listening and math. Please make sure teachers know this information. Julianne is working on a communication that we will want all of you to use to communicate with families about conversations. I’ll get that to you as soon as it is complete. Let me know if you have any questions.

TAG Letter- This letter was sent to parents of third grade TAG students earlier this week. We will see how many commit to the program before sending invites to anyone else. We will let you know how we determine who to send invites to if/when that time arises.

National Boards- National Board certification recruitment has begun!  Heather and Michele, working alongside OEA and TSPC, have 3 virtual recruitment sessions set for May.  If you have teachers who are interested in pursuing National Board, please share the OEA flyer that is in the google folder.  There are also several resources available for you.  Teachers who are “shoulder tapped” by an administrator are more confident and eager to grow their professional learning in this way and become teacher leaders in their buildings.

Three key points of information:

1) HB2763 will reimburse teachers for the cost of certification once they certify

2) OEA has a grant to support teachers of color and novice teachers (first 5 years) in their pursuit of NB certification

3) MidOregon Credit Union is offering zero interest loans for our candidates in order to support in the upfront cost.

Fundraising- As we navigate COVID-19 and the impacts to our communities and families in the district this spring and summer, we are asking that principals use discernment around any fundraising being considered by schools and programs.  We are not putting a stop on all fundraising at this time.  There is some acknowledgment that some schools or programs may have long-term projects in process and other unique considerations that may warrant fundraising.  However, in general, we are asking that we do little to none of the typical fundraising that we would do in these weeks and months to come.  Out of respect for our families and businesses, now does not seem to be the time to be asking them to contribute to fundraisers.  If there are unique circumstances around a specific fundraising project that you would like approval to do  prior to the fall of 2020, please seek approval from your level leader before doing so.

Meal Delivery- Please let me know if you have any EA’s or other classified staff who are able/willing to substitute for meal delivery. For those principals who have staff serving in this area, please tell them to contact Stephanie Bent if they are unable to attend and she will coordinate the subs. Thanks.

Paraeducator Professional Development webpage- The HDESD is excited to share the Paraeducator Professional Development webpage, compiled by the Culture of Care Coaches (link below).

For leaders and administrators, there is a catalogue of opportunities at the top of the page, that allows you to view the comprehensive list of PD in the event you want to plan and organize specific content for certain programs/staff.  In addition, there is a Professional  Development Reflection Document that can be used by staff.

All of the content is then divided into categories on the webpage, with a variety of resource links/videos for paraeducators to access.  It will be updated weekly with new resources/links.

Social Distancing Reminders Tami Pike asked that we share the following reminders with principals. Thank you for all you are already doing.

11.Social Distancing Requirements. Public schools and private schools shall designate a person or officer to establish, implement, and enforce social distancing requirements, consistent with guidance from OHA. When in-­person interactions are required, social distancing measures must be implemented and enforced to the maximum extent possible.

12.At-risk Employees. Nothing in this Executive Order should be construed to require public school or private school employees in at-risk categories, or public school or private school employees who have an at-risk member of their household, to take action inconsistent with public health recommendations or the advice of the employee’s physician.

More Amazing Teaching Happening Throughout BLP Elementary Schools

Writer’s workshop continues at Miller:

May 4 Writers Workshop

Writer’s Workshop Distance Learning

Bossy R taking over first grade at North Star:


The ‘Sally Challenge’ at Silver Rail:

Finally, Kari Sue, music teacher at Ponderosa sent a summary of elementary music teacher websites to all of us earlier this week. If you haven’t already checked it out, it’s well worth your time. Pretty great stuff for our students if they can/want to access.

Thanks for all you are doing. Let’s keep the energy all the way through. Our students deserve it and they need it now more than ever.

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