May 15

 QPR Training- Three Rivers, North Star, Miller, Pine Ridge, Amity/Highland (together), Ensworth/Juniper (together) need to sign up for QPR training if you haven’t already.

Erin’s Law- Please send me your Erin’s Law/ Safe Touch documentation if you haven’t already done so.

ICCL’s- HR has approved hiring for ICCL team members whose contracts are up this year. Be sure to follow a process for hiring that includes: notifying all of your certified staff about the number of openings and the deadline for applying, verifying they have submitted their paperwork to HR and selecting your interview team and interviewing all candidates.

Title I Budgets- We have a preliminary allocation for you to use. The amount will be on the Title page of your staffing. When you input a certified or classified employee under the title column it will automatically calculate totals on the title page so that you can see if you have overspent or have more money left. Again, this is preliminary. The school allocation is based on about 3+% less than the state’s initial allocation since that has been the average reduction the last four years when we get our final allocation in August. Hopefully, the final comes in closer to the initial and we have more to distribute in August. Any more than we are budgeting will go directly to schools as fixed staffing costs at district level are already accounted for. Give me a call if you have any questions.

Self Evals- Please complete your self-evals by the end of May. I’ll set up a time to meet (in person or webex- your choice) sometime before June 19.

Leave Sheets- Please send me your leave sheets by Monday.

Kids, Inc. Registration- you may want to communicate this information to families on pre registration for kids, inc. programs in the fall. Obviously, we don’t know what fall will look like in schools, but they are proactively planning. This would be especially good information for kindergartners who don’t have siblings.

A Good Listen- Decisions getting tough? Check out this podcast from Bruce Perry. Lots of implications here. Might want to give kids some breaks in their work day. Also, if you are a kid, don’t get sent to the principal’s office right before they eat lunch.

More great stuff coming from our schools:

A little Three Rivers News:

A poem from an Amity teacher for their annual memory book:

Oh, What a Memorable Year We All Shared!

Oh, what a memorable year we all shared
Learning and growing, showing how much we cared

September arrived, fresh faces joined the crew

The magic of Amity embraced by the new

From community time to singing with rhyme
Art projects, math talks, we had such a good time

Camp Amity, mask-making, Invitations galore

We created much fun; it was never a bore

With March came surprises, so much instantly changed

Your daily routine soon became rearranged

Spending hours at home being safe, washing hands

Trying to meet new online learning demands

You learned how to work from afar on a device

Watching videos from teachers designed to entice

Perhaps you slept in more, stayed in pajamas all day

Experienced normal things in a completely new way

Brain-stretching, risk-taking, growth-mindset the key

For continuing to challenge yourself creatively

Gratitude, patience, and flexibility
Became important as ever for our school family

Although the year ended much different than planned

We connected in beautiful ways through broadband

Perhaps what our community learned above all

Is that love goes beyond just a physical wall

For each of you are unique in your own special way

And in our hearts forever you’ll stay

Students of ours… but oh, so much more

Amity Creekers deep down to the core

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