May 22

IPAD Communication- Please include in your normal modes of communication the English and Spanish versions of the letter from Skip explaining that IPADS will not be collected at the end of the year. Please do so in your next communication. If families do NOT want to keep the IPAD over the summer, no problem. Have them bring it in. Let me know if you have any questions.

End of Year Messaging- I appreciate your efforts to communicate to parents that the last day of school is still June 11. Once again, please focus your energy on the theme of what we will be doing (parent/teacher conversations, report cards, helping finish incomplete work, pointing families to summer supplementary activities, answering emails, etc.) rather than what we won’t be doing. I apologize for the confusion around this message and once again, thank you for your efforts to clarify for families that school isn’t over on June 5.

CDC Guidelines- The CDC has published their guidelines to reopening. School guidance starts on p. 45. We probably won’t have any direction from our state until at least June. Once they have provided us with some guidance, we will use that to begin planning for different scenarios.

Extended School Year- It was decided this week, based largely on the summer guidance sent out from the state last Friday, that our Extended School Year (ESY) will be conducted via a distance learning format – students and staff will not enter our buildings over the summer for this program.

August 11 Leadership– As mentioned, ICCL’s will not be attending, but student services are invited.

Outdoor School- Feel free to share Camp Tamarack’s Outdoor School at Home webpage with all of your families.

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