Using Your iPad as a Keynote Remote

Have you ever tried to create an instructional Keynote on your iPad? I have and my gorilla-like fingers don’t work as well on an iPad as they do on my laptop. Plus, my laptop has more storage to hold these Keynote files, so it makes more sense for me to have them ‘live’ on my laptop.

It sure is nice to be able to walk around the room controlling the slideshow instead of being anchored to my laptop. Read below to find out how you can use your iPad as a remote to control the Keynote that you are presenting from your laptop.

Before getting going on this make sure that you have the latest version of Keynote installed on both your laptop and your iPad. Also, make sure that both your laptop and your iPad are connected to BLS Wifi.

Now, the set up steps:

  • Open Keynote on your laptop and click on Keynote in the upper-left corner. Then select Preferences.
  • Click Remotes at the next window
  • Check the box that says Enable on the left.
  • Open Keynote on your iPad. You’ll need to be at the home page that shows any/all of your presentations.
  • Tap on the Remote icon in the upper-left corner (next to the + sign)
  • Tap Continue.
  • On your laptop, your iPad will show up in the window. Click Link.
  • Click Confirm on your laptop.

Your iPad and laptop are now linked! The next time you open a Keynote on your laptop and click the play button, open up Keynote on your iPad, tap the Remote icon and you’ll see a giant green Play button that you can tap to remotely control your laptop’s Keynote. Use the menus at the top-right to annotate as you talk, change the way YOU see the presentation on your iPad and stop/close the presentation.


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