Link to YOUR Digital Citizenship Resources

All Bend-La Pine classrooms need to cover Digital Citizenship each and every year with students.  THIS LINK will direct you to ALL the necessary resources you need to complete the task.

Before you click on the link,  some background information:

  1.  The link is going to take you to a google folder directing you to a specific unit from a free COMMON SENSE MEDIA iBOOK different for each grade level.
  2.  There is a movie linked to the first slide that will help you understand how to obtain the iBook and find your correct unit.
  3. iBooks are ONLY viewable on an iPad, so use the included QR codes to obtain the book on your iPad by using the Inigma App.
  4. Only ONE person in your class (teacher or student) needs to obtain the iBook.  iBooks are large files, there is really no need for each kid to load the book and take up memory
  5. Use Airserver to teach the lesson as a whole class or group discussion. The iBooks are engaging and have several prompts that will promote an interesting dialog.
  6. Be sure you only cover the material in YOUR assigned Unit.  By doing this, all students will have covered all content by the 12th grade without repetition or gaps.

Finally, if this is your first experience using iBooks or material from Common Sense Media, feel free to reach out to your instructional technology coach.  We would be happy to assist you on preparing your lesson.

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Instructional Technology Coach for the Bend-La Pine School District.

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