How to erase and reset a student iPad


By now most classrooms are aware that many students are having technical issues with their iPads that make them appear full.   Since most classes are in a new grading period, it might not be a bad idea to have as many students as possible go through the process of erasing and resetting their iPad.  This process will fix the technical issue as well as free up valuable memory for the new semester.

This is a four step process that will take approximately 25-30 minutes to complete.  The following videos are youtube links that you can display to your class in order to walk them through the process.  The videos are short (1-3minutes).  However, you will need to stop and start them frequently to allow your students to keep up with each and every move.

Step 1  Backing up:

This is a valuable experience for all of our students.  Many are still unaware of how this process works.   Please make sure that each of your students has successfully backed up their device before they erase it.  Students who have issues with this step should be sent to your building technology support person prior to erasing their iPad. Some trouble-shooting advice is also mentioned in the video.
This video is about Backing up a bend-lapine student ipad

Step 2  Backing Up Notability:

You may not have to do this step if your students do not use notability.
Student back up of notability

Step 3 Erasing and Resetting the iPad

This is the step that must be done in order to fix the technical issue and clear the devices memory.
This video is about Erase and Reset an iPad

Step 4 Signing back into their iPad

This is the video where you will be stopping and starting often.  I have added footage of self-service and how to properly restore Notability files toward the end.
This video is about iPad Sign in

These videos are also available in Drive by using the following url.  Please use this link if you share the videos from a student device, or have any trouble viewing the links above.

Thank you so very much for your help with this important task.

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