Keyboarding Options

app_icon_typingWe have a solution for you keyboarding needs,! While it’s not as powerful as Type To Learn 4, it allows you to track students as they progress through lessons. Students can also earn badges and have access to engaging typing games. An added bonus¬†is that it uses single sign on, which means students (and teachers) can log in with their existing BLS login information. ¬†Students and teachers will log in using a Clever link, listed in the instructions. There are also other applications that can be accessed within Clever. Check them out while you’re there! Below are links to both teacher and student instructions.



A second keyboarding activity in the Clever Dashboard is Nitro Type. Nitro Type is a pure speed game. Students are lined up as cars, drag race style and fed a paragraph to type. The faster, and more accurate, you type, the better you place in the race. You earn $$ and can ‘purchase’ upgraded cars and accessories. This is not just classroom-based, students are racing against other Nitro Type users. Student information is not viewable or shareable, though. Nitro Type is also one of the games that students can choose from within their Games menu.nitro-type



Student accounts are automatically created when they are enrolled in Bend-La Pine, you will not have to set up any accounts!

Both of these are accessible through computers and iPads. Just follow the Teacher directions above to see how you access these! It is recommended that you plug in an external keyboard when using iPads, however.

Here is a link to Bend-La Pine’s Keyboarding Goals by Grade Level:

Keyboarding Goals by Grade Level

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