Dear iPad, I Love Your Camera

I can’t believe I ever taught a day without you.  You capture every amazing moment in my classroom.  You share beautiful images of my students learning, laughing and living.  Do you remember that time when we used the photo markup tools to create our school’s recycling poster campaign?  You don’t?  You’re silly….let me tell you the story one more time.   The kids took photos of the many ways we could help reduce waste while at school.  Next, they opened the app Photos and chose the editing (slider) tools.  There our kids discovered that you had hidden the ability to write and type directly on the photos.  You were clever and hid the tools under the three dot menu (…)   The posters looked amazing.  Plus, we were able to share them digitally.  Once again reducing waste at school!  You truly light up my life.

Yours forever,


About Scott McDonald

Instructional Technology Coach for the Bend-La Pine School District.

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