Dear iPad, I love your Badges

Dear iPad,

Where would I be without you? Your sleekness, swiftness, and your willingness to adapt to my needs are just a few of your qualities that keep me coming back for more. Yet I have to say that one of my favorite things about you is your willingness to teach me through Apple Teacher. You’ve thought of everything that I could possibly¬†want to learn about you – iPad, Mac, and Swift Playgrounds.¬†And you’re so patient! You’ve given me a guidebook that I can read at my leisure, come back to time and time again and then once I feel confident, you let me earn badges to show what I’ve learned. I love those badges! You know I could go to a class, or try and ask someone about you but you make it so easy for me to learn on my own time. Then I get to check for understanding and rake in those sweet badges. Did I mention I love those badges?

Yours forever,


About Christie Boen

I have worked with Bend-La Pine since 2007. I am an Instructional Technology Coach and District Librarian.

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