CLEVER is so very smart!

Some of you might have noticed that there is a new icon on the dock when students log on to school computers.  There is an application folder marked CLEVER.   Clever allows students to automatically log into several tools using their computer login credentials.   In other words, kids can immediately access their accounts in tools like, Khan Academy, Lightning Lab, and several other useful applications.  Have you been looking for a tool to help kids learn to keyboard? Try Nitro Type. It is an engaging tutorial typing program that will save your students scores and progress because of CLEVER!  We will be looking into adding other apps and tools inside of the Clever Portal.  This link will give you an idea of other products that can be accessed through the clever portal.

Here is a quick video to help you get your students started using Clever.



Stay tuned for more updates on what you can do with Clever in your classroom.  My next post will show how students can access Clever on an iPad or from home.  Of course, reach out to your Instructional Tech Coach should you have immediate questions.

About Scott McDonald

Instructional Technology Coach for the Bend-La Pine School District.