Screen Time and App Time Limits

Students are now able to use the Screen Time iPad settings when they update to iOS 12.  The set up is easy.  Open the settings menu > Select Screen Time > Throw the switch to “On”.   Once enabled, the iPad will now keep track of useful data about how and how much the device is used.  For instance, this screenshot shows how a personal device was used over the last 7 days.  Many students will find the data informative about how they use their school iPad.  They can use the settings to get a clear picture of what apps they use the most, where they spend the most time, and even how often they pick up their device during the day!  Be aware that there are also 4 device restriction features that can be enabled within Screen Time if necessary.    They are:  1) Screen Time Passcodes 2) Downtime and App Limits 3) Content & Privacy Restrictions 4) Weekley reports.  Due to the fact that we have managed devices, our students already have several restrictions in place.  Please consider working with your Instructional Technology Coach or Site Tech before adding additional restrictions to your students iPad.  So, have kids flip the switch to ON on Screentime.  Then, make time every now and then as a class to look at the data.  It is a great opportunity for kids to have a tool that gives them information about how they are using their technology.

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Instructional Technology Coach for the Bend-La Pine School District.

2 Replies to “Screen Time and App Time Limits”

  1. Is there a way using screen time and/or Apple Classroom that I can peek at what students have been on for the last 15 min., 30 min, hour?

  2. Thanks so much Scott. This is a huge help. I can’t wait to look at the data. I am excited to see how this can help me manage how my students are using the I-pad at their home. My goal is 100% academic application when the I-pad is not at school.