Innovation Spotlight – Plant Cell Tour Using Sphero Robots

Stephanie Morrison and Fred Kent, two science teachers from High Desert Middle School, recently shared an interesting way to explore plant cells using Sphero robots. The objective of the lesson required students to create a large scale map (model) of a plant cell. Once complete, they created a tour of the five organelles using the Sphero’s dictation tools to list the organelles name and describe its function. Although each student had to complete “a framework for function” using the Sphero, it was actually a collaborative project with specific roles for each participant. There were tasks for Model Engineers, Research Directors, Project Directors etc. Students used a grading rubric to score one another’s work and dedication to their given role. The attached video shows a completed tour. Reach out to Stephanie or Fred if you are interested in the project. They have created a lesson plan that will explain the project in detail. If your school does not have access to Sphero Robots, reach out to the Central Oregon STEM Hub. They have several kits that you can sign up for throughout the year.

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Instructional Technology Coach for the Bend-La Pine School District.