Creative and Critical Writers using Book Creator

The Pilot Butte 7th grade students in Karen Corson’s Language and Literature class enjoy writing. In large part because their teacher provides purpose, audience and student choice on many of their assignments. This week, the students are editing their rough drafts on a 750-word essay that will ultimately be shared as a picture book or graphic novel with younger students at Juniper Elementary.

Mrs. Corson was thoughtful of how students with limited art skills or supplies might feel intimidated to draw the most suitable characters and settings from their essays. That is why she provided them with the choice of a handmade book or one that is made using the app “Book Creator” on their iPad.

Mrs. Corson had recently read on an educational blog that Book Creator not only had picture book and graphic novel templates but now featured Magic Ink and Google’s machine intelligent Autodraw tools.

Plus, if students wanted to incorporate some of their own drawings into Book Creator, they could do that as well.

The 7th graders are currently hard at work completing their books and are excited to be able to share them with their young audience.

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Instructional Technology Coach for the Bend-La Pine School District.