Photobooth, Quicktime, Screen Recording Oh My!

Some of our most common questions lately have been centered around screen recording. The fact is, there are a lot of screen recording solutions that are useful for teaching. Although it is a great start to be comfortable with just one solution, it may help to know that you have other options available for your computer and/or iPad.

The video below shares how a combination of THREE different screen recording tools can be used together to make one dynamic presentation or lesson. The first shares how your phone or iPad can be used as a document camera using “Quicktime Player”. The second uses the built-in app “Photobooth” to share the speaker. The third and final tool “screen capture” records the whole presentation at once. It is likely that you will not always need all three tools simultaneously, but it is really fun to know what is possible!

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Instructional Technology Coach for the Bend-La Pine School District.

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