Changes to Apple Classroom as of February 12, 2021

Now that many of us are back to face to face learning managing student iPads using Apple Classroom is essential. If you have not used Apple Classroom before, check out the quick start guide linked here for a list of features that are really useful for educators. Additionally, we have some earlier posts in this blog that may be helpful for first-time users. Simply search “Apple Classroom” in the search bar at the top right of this page. If you are already using Apple Classroom, please take note of the important changes below.

Managed Apple ID’s

The most significant change to Apple Classroom is the fact that both the teacher and the student must sign in using a Managed Apple ID. This should take less than 5 minutes for most students. That said, if you work with k-3 students, it will be really helpful to do this at a time when you have some help in the room! Easy to follow instructions for signing in with a Managed Apple ID are linked here.

Initial Set Up-Teacher

  1. Complete the Managed Apple ID instructions linked above.
  2. Make Sure your iPad iOS is up-to-date to at least version 14.4 (iPad Settings > Software Update).
  3. Install the Apple Classroom app from Self-Service (if you already have Apple Classroom- delete the app from your iPad and reinstall it from Self-Service). Be sure to search for “Classroom”. If you search for “Apple Classroom”, it won’t come up in the search results.
  4. Your class sections will automatically appear within 5 minutes of opening the application.
  5. You can also make custom classes using the “+” on your home screen.

Initial Set Up-Student

  1. Complete the Managed Apple ID instructions linked above.
  2. That is it!. (students DO NOT need to have the Apple Classroom app on their iPad.


With any new system, there may be a few bumps in the road. Please reach out to your Instructional Technology Coach if you need any assistance. Otherwise, here are a few tips for success.

  1. Make sure to END your class section when the class period ends. Otherwise, the next teachers will not be able to manage the student’s device.
  2. Although Apple Classroom is available on your computer, it works best with your iPad.
  3. Be sure that all users have their Bluetooth settings enabled.

Finally, please understand that our team is working hard to make Apple Classroom as easy to use as possible. We will keep this post up-to-date with any new thinking and enhancements.

About Scott McDonald

Instructional Technology Coach for the Bend-La Pine School District.