February is Black History Month

When you Google Black History Month, you’ll most likely see the name, Carter G. Woodson, known as the “Father of Black History”. In 1915, he created the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. Then in 1926, he started the first “Negro History Week” on February 7th. It wasn’t until 1976 when Black History Month was officially recognized. It was then that President Gerald Ford urged Americans to “honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.”

The theme for Black History Month 2022 is Black Health and Wellness. Some ways you can celebrate Black History Month:

  • Support Black-Owned Businesses
  • Learn About Noteworthy Black Figures and Their Contributions
  • Donate to Charities That Support Anti-Racism Equity and Equality
  • Purchase, Read, and Share Books by Black Authors
  • Support and Learn About Black Women

There are a plethora of Black History resources out there, but you may not have time to curate them for yourself or your students. This is where I come in.  Below are some fantastic resources to get you started.



Best Books of 2021 by Black Authors

Classroom Guide and Trailer for Born on the Water

Trailer for My Day with Panye

Trailer for Your Mama

Trailer for Black Boy Joy

Trailer for Josephine Against the Sea



Best Books of 2021 by Black Authors

Trailer for Instructions for Dancing

Trailer for Beasts of Prey

Trailer for Concrete Rose

Depending on your own identity and experiences, and those of your students, these topics can be sensitive to navigate.  Use this checklist from the LEAD Cohort to prepare appropriately, and/or reach out to a LEAD representative for collaboration.  

About Christie Boen

I have worked with Bend-La Pine Schools since 2007. I am an Instructional Technology Coach and District Librarian.