Making Screen Time Work For You

After a long day at work I sometimes snuggle up on the couch and get lost in the land of Instagram Reels. As the sun sets and the room darkens, I realize the endless scrolling took more time than I’d planned. 

This is by design. Autoplay features on everything from Netflix to YouTube are intended to keep our interest and oh boy, do they ever work well. Our kids fall into these same traps. For those of us who need to get back to walking the dog or back to the homework, Screen Time might be our new BFF.

Screen Time allows users to set app limits, content restrictions, downtime, and a variety of other helpful tools for staying on track. One caution: Screen Time settings on student iPads can affect what our students can access in class, which sometimes gets in the way of school work. When this happens, our tech support teams can remove the settings so students can carry on with learning. Be careful with content restrictions and downtime specifically.

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