Moving On – Taking Your Files with You

Whether it be as a graduating senior or a staff moving to another district, there are a few ways to take your files with you.

AirDrop – This method requires a personal Apple Device. Moving photos and videos is quick and simple with AirDrop. Select the content you want to transfer, tap the Share button, select the recipient (in this case it will likely be your own personal Apple device), and then accept the request on the personal device. Be sure your personal device is set up to allow AirDrop from everyone, so it appears as a recipient on your BLS screen.

Google Drive – This method requires a personal Google account. Move your files from your BLS Google Drive to a personal one. If this is done on a personal device, it will require MFA. Follow these steps:

  1. In Files, on your iPad, create a folder called “Keep” or whatever you’d like to call it.

2. In photos, select the photos you want to save and then share them to Files in the “Keep” folder you created.

3. In Files (in landscape mode), find anything in your district Google Drive or iCloud that you want to keep and drag it into the “Keep” folder you created.

  1. Close the Files app completely.
  2. Now go to Google Drive and sign in to your personal Google account.
  3. Open the Files app. Take the “Keep” folder and drag it into your personal Google account.

Google Takeout Google Takeout creates and sends a zip file containing your content to your email address. You can select everything or only the files you want. Here’s how:

For Staff only: Transfer Ownership. Want to leave files with a colleague? Transfer ownership to them. In your BLS Google Drive, use the share feature to give your colleague access to the item. Once that is done, go back into Share and select Transfer Ownership to the colleague who will own the file. This can be done for Docs, Slides, Sites, etc.

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