If you have any certified staff of concern and have not communicated this to Jon yet, please do so immediately. Depending on where this employee is on Contract or Probationary status will depend on next steps – some of which take time to accomplish, but need to be completed by February, 2020.

I believe I have touched bases with all of you regarding my request to have you ask four questions of every one of your teachers (minimum, all staff if you’d like) prior to spring break (so obviously this is not a “to do” right away!). Here are the questions: 1. What is working well? 2. What ideas do you have for improvement? 3. Do you have the resources you need to do your job? 4. Is there anyone who has been especially helpful to you lately? As a reminder, I’ll ask that you each share themes from your building (in this Google doc) prior to spring break.


In a (relatively) recent blog post, Jim Knight (author of High-Impact Instruction) states that “sometimes key insights for educators can be found in books and articles about fields outside of education. Robert I. Sutton’s book, Good Boss, Bad Boss is written from a business perspective, but it contains many concepts that can be applied to the classroom as well.” I was intrigued, so I read Jim’s post from Instructional Coaching Group and thought it is worth passing along. As you read the five ideas that Mr. Knight highlights, consider where you are on a continuum of believing/doing these things – and how often they are visible in your classrooms. And finally, what might you be able to do to highlight and encourage more of these “bright spots?”

I’d like to highlight a few of our schools that have had some big news this week. First, PBMS had their first (ever!) IB/MYP accreditation visit. Obviously, this type of multi-day look behind the curtain is stressful, but because of the years of work on the part of the staff there, the visit went well and I would guess a little anti-climatic due to their meticulous preparation. Way to go Steve, Mary, Karen Corson, and the PBMS staff! Second, Realms MS was in the news this week for tangible learning performed a few years ago (the students are now sophomores) – they created informational kiosks along the Deschutes River (starting at 1st St. Rapids park and others as far north as Archie Briggs).

This is from Dana Pedersen: FAN Services during the holidays:  FAN Advocates are willing and able to assist families with basic needs during the holidays.  Please help support staff and Advocates to refrain from providing direct support that is connected to the holidays.  We will continue to connect families with cooperating partners that provide presents and the like during the holiday season;  FAN keeps our focus on the basics.  If schools, or school affiliated organizations want to help, they can coordinate efforts with FAN by collecting items that can be donated to a food bank, or by asking for clothing items that Advocates can pass out during the winter months.  These are but two ways to engage your larger school community if the desire is there.  I would also ask your help in supporting Advocates in not handing out gift cards to stores that sell tobacco or alcohol products.  Board Policy JFCG-AP specifically speaks to district staff not being involved in the sale of such substances.  By handing out gift cards to grocery stores, we are giving clients access to these substances.  There are many food banks, churches and outside agencies that can support families with food needs over the holidays.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Thank you-


We have Leadership on Monday, Dec. 2 starting at 3:15. Jay sent out the agenda earlier this week.

We have Horizontal on Monday, Dec. 9, starting at 3:00 and convening at CMS. Don’t forget to have pages 23 – 50 read in High-Impact Instruction.

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