Watch this video shared by Decatur Public Schools. But let me advise you to not watch it the first time in a room full of people, any maybe have a Kleenex handy. “I Chose You” was the prompt teachers were given when considering one of her/his students who inspire them to come to work every day. This video captures the moments when some of these teachers shared with students why they are inspired by her/him. Amazing. A great reminder of why we do what we do. How might you remind your staff and your students (some need it more than others) that they are meaningful?


BLS and Deschutes County are teaming up to provide four free parent workshops (the same workshop, offered four times) starting in January. The Connect Workshop is a 2-hour training aimed at providing parents with skills to navigate conversations with their child(ren) around the topics of marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Please share this flyer freely both inside your building and within your broader school community. You will notice that childcare is provided for two of these workshops, and one will be facilitated in Spanish. Additionally, I’ll share a Spanish version of this flyer as soon as I receive it (being translated now). _________________________________________________________

There has been a new update to the Office Discipline Referral Form. You can find this newest update in the Staff Portal. Here is a link to the new update, which I’ve highlighted and can be found on page two. In essence, Jon would like to be able to track minor incidents of a sexual nature, but needs an email or phone call from you ONLY when they are Major incidents. __________________________________________________________

Another training that will be offered this year (and some of you have had staff attend previously) is Youth Mental Health First Aid. This training will be held on Friday, February 21st, 2020 from 7:30-4:30. This training is appropriate for front office staff, teachers, coaches, extra-curricular advisors, FAN advocates, building admin, and essentially anyone that works at the schools that does not have a background in mental health. If you are thinking of sending someone from your staff, and sub costs are a barrier to doing so, please let me know.

Here is a registration page for the training, which includes a description: https://22120blpsymhfa.eventbrite.com. __________________________________________________________

I think most of you are aware that there is a district safety team that meets regularly (about once a month) and discussed questions, concerns, ideas, and strategies connected to student and staff safety. Our MS rep this year is Nole Kennedy, Dean of Students at HDMS. If you have any big-picture questions/ideas or simply are curious about why we do something the way we do related to safety, please let Nole know and he can bring that to this group.


We meet as a Horizontal group on Monday, starting at 3:00, at CMS. Please be sure and have pages 23 – 50 read (my notes) and consider what caught your attention in this section. Here is the agenda.

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