NOTE: We will be meeting at the Brinson Campus (Skyline HS conference room) on Monday for Horizontal, not Realms MS (due to room availability).

If you can spare a little more than two and a half minutes, this audio conversation between a kindergartner and a NASA engineer is pretty awesome. (I loved a few of the quotes that had to do with the power/influence adults can have on the learning/motivation for the learning of young people.)


Some of you have heard about or participated in an Improvement Science training in the past year or so. The HDESD is bringing two additional PD opportunities to Central Oregon in the next month. There will be a basic training (Feb. 10), as well as an advanced training (Jan. 31) opportunity. Both are free and will be held at the HDESD. Click on a link to find out more or to register.

Sean and his SPED leadership team (with input from others) have recently written a “position paper” (my words, not Sean’s necessarily) on Special Program’s beliefs around how we’ll provide services to qualified students moving forward. This document will be shared with SPED staff via their weekly blog, and I wanted to share it with you here. If you have any specific questions regarding this, please reach out to Sean directly.

As you may recall, we asked our students to complete a short Resilience Survey a number of months ago (connected to a grant our region received). Sean had spoken about this more in-depth earlier this fall at a Leadership meeting. The window for the second round of this short student survey will be from Feb. 24 – March 20, 2020. You’ll hear more about this in the next month.

From Jackie Wilson, the district Sustainability Coordinator: Here is some information about energy use in the district and where all schools are in the ENERGY STAR ranking across the district. Also included in the update is a link to a survey about energy management. I am hoping to get a few hundred to take the survey and get a better pool of information to work from. Here is the link to the survey.


Horizontal meeting on Monday in the conference room at Skyline HS (Brinson campus), starting at 3:00pm. Here is the agenda for our meeting. In addition to reading chapter 3 (my notes), don’t forget that we’ll also be taking a more in-depth look at our district’s Excellence and Equity Report findings. In preparation for this, please have the following completed prior to our meeting: 1) Read the final Excellence and Equity Report. 2) Identify two or three passages that “stand out” in some way (e.g. you strongly agree or disagree with the content, or have questions, or want to expand on what you’ve read.) 3) Bring a copy (electronic or paper) of this Report to our Horizontal. 4) Have a way to capture some of your thoughts (paper or electronic) from our discussion. Here is an overview of the process that Chris Boyd will lead us through, as well as our Common Agreements, and the protocol we’ll use.

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