Sean R. sent this out earlier this week to principals. Because there is a “to do” – I wanted to send it your way again just to make sure you were aware:

Your school’s Child and Youth Resilience Survey  (CYRM) administration day coming soon.

Please note that there are two important actions for you to do:

  1. Choose your date
  2. Send parent notification at least 1 week prior to administering the survey. 

Everything you need can be found in this link.  Please let me know if you have any questions. __________________________________________________________

Here is a copy of our 8th-grade celebration expectations in Spanish. Please share as you have (or plan on) communicating the English version.


Here is an article that was published last week (that I hadn’t read until this week) regarding BRYT – the mental health program I discussed with principals on Monday. It takes a look at how this program is working with kids in two very different schools in Massachusetts. Here is a paragraph from the article that stood out to me: “Early intervention is much more effective than waiting until a kid is in a crisis, and that’s what happens in a lot of schools that don’t have these adequate members of mental health staff,” said Vaillancourt Strobach of the National Association of School Psychologists. “There is an entire population of students who really aren’t getting the care that they need, or it’s putting the responsibility on the community, where there is also a significant shortage.” _____________________________________________________

You may or may not be aware that we have a “Grow Our Own” incentive program here in our district, where support is given to current classified employees to pursue a credential/degree in a hard-to-fill position. This program is relatively new and we believe not everyone is aware of it. The attached documents were sent out to all classified staff, but if you know of any amazing classified staff in your building who would do great in a hard-to-fill certified role, it would be awesome to have you encourage these folks to attend the info session. (Thanks to Kinsey for promoting/highlighting this program!) ______________________________________________________

After a conversation we had this morning, I want to provide you with an update regarding this spring’s staffing/posting timeline, some of which is a repeat, and some new information. If the Board approves the budget at the March 10 meeting, then the plan is for you to receive your building staffing plan on Friday, March 13. Knowing you all, I suspect I will begin looking over and approving your submitted plans (to me) as soon as Monday, March 16. [Please make sure that any of your returning Leave of Absence staff appear on your plan, as I won’t be able to approve your plan if they are not.] By mid-week (around March 18), once I approve your plan, I will give you and HR the OK to begin posting positions. These will all be two-week postings. What you need to be aware of is that you could, theoretically, begin interviewing and offering positions prior to the Job Fair. There are some positive and not-so-positive potential outcomes of this that I’m sure you can think of. Please reach out to me if you’d like to discuss these, or otherwise strategize about your hiring plans. _______________________________________________________

Here is a statewide PD opportunity related to scoring test items from the Oregon Statewide Summative Assessment for your ELA and math teachers. Feel free to share this link with any/all that may be interested. ________________________________________________________

Bend International School will be having some parent informational nights over the course of the next few weeks. Feel free to advertise these with students/families as you normally would other district info.


Enjoy your President’s Day Holiday on Monday!

Our next Horizontal is March 16 @ PBMS.

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